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Luftbild Hemelingen - Quelle: WFB/Studio B
21 March 2024 - Jann Raveling

Aerial photos of Bremen 2024 – Bremen from above

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A drone flies over the Hanseatic City

Aerial photos of Bremen - from the North of the city, we'll fly over the Überseestadt (New Harbour District) to the East. The photos show every facet of life in the Hanseatic City.

Unless otherwise stated, these photographs were taken in 2023.

Take-off from Bremen North

The former premises of the Bremen Woll-Kämmerei (BWK) woollen mill lies in the heart of the Bremen North district and is an important industrial site. It's where modern manufacturing businesses sit alongside a century's worth of historic buildings, giving them a new lease of life. A good example of this is the Vocational College campus, which is currently under construction.

Aerial view of the former Bremen Woll-Kämmerei (BWK)
The area of the former Bremen Woll-Kämmerei (BWK) is located directly on the Weser © WFB/Studio B

Bremen Industrial Park: heavy industry

If you travel upriver from Bremen North, you'll soon pass by the ArcelorMittal steel plant, which is sited right next to the Bremen Industrial Park. The park is home to more than 50 companies that are primarily involved in plastic and metal processing, recycling, laboratory services and logistics.

Aerial view of Industrial Park
Heavy metal is popular in the steelworks, shown here in the back of the picture, with the Industrial Park in front of it © WFB/Studio B

Überseestadt (Bremen's New Harbour District) from above: always upwards and onwards

The New Harbour District is always worth a second glance, especially from a bird's eye perspective: one of Europe's largest urban regeneration projects, it has been more than twenty years in the making and features impressive historical and modern constructions. And developments continue.

Zech Group headquarters
The building ensemble around the new headquarters of the Zech Group was built at the Europahafenkopf. © WFB/Studio B
High-rise building by the river
The Wesertower high-rise, which is 82 meters high, is rarely seen from above © WFB/Studio B
Residential houses by the river
Living on the Weser: Guaranteed with a river view in Überseestadt © WFB/Studio B

Aerial photos from the west of Bremen: under the TV tower

Bremen's second-highest building towers over the Walle district, which has adopted it as its symbol. The TV tower, which was completed in 1986, rises an impressive 237 metres into the skies.

Gröpelingen TV tower
230 meters high, but not the tallest structure in Bremen: the television tower © WFB/Studio B

Green Bremen: Seehausen-Strom

Bremen is Germany's greenest major city. You see this everywhere you walk or cycle, after all, cycling is the city's favourite pastime. From a bird's eye view, it's easy to see why Bremen scores so highly in this respect. A good example of this is the Seehausen-Strom district.

Green meadow
View of the countryside: There are plenty of them in Bremen. © WFB/Studio B

Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate: where cars get going

In the south-west of Bremen, right next to the A1 motorway, you'll find the Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate. It's a real success story, home to a number of businesses that supply the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen's Sebaldsbrück district, which is only a stone's throw away. It's a sought-after location, so the site is constantly being developed and expanded.

Hansalinie Industrial Estate
Construction is still going on here: the Hansalinie Industrial Estate is in demand © WFB/Studio B

Bremen East - in the bend of the River Weser

When you look at the edge of the photo, you'll see the River Weser. It's a main artery and the most important waterway in the Hanseatic city. Bremen boasts a total of four port facilities, of which the Hemelingen river port is its inland harbour. The surrounding Hemelingen district is crisscrossed by a multitude of transport routes and is home to major industrial companies.

City and river
Industry right on the water in the east of Bremen © WFB/Studio B

Would you like to see more aerial photographs? Then have a look at our articles from 2022 for more bird's eye views, including the city centre, the airport and the Tobacco quarter.

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