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27 February 2020 -

Co-working in Überseestadt

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All the options at a glance

Co-working spaces are very much in vogue. Especially in large cities, more and more people are renting space in modern office communities - for hours, days or months. We take a look at the co-working spaces in Überseestadt and answer key questions: How much is the rent? What do I get in return? And of course: Where do I get my coffee?

Nearly as exciting as moving into your first flat: many people in the early stages of building a business dream of having their own office space at last. But investing in business premises involves considerable financial risk – particularly at the start, when it's still not clear whether your business idea will actually take off. 'Co-working spaces' where self-employed people and start-ups can share a workplace are therefore a popular alternative. They work in a similar way to shared flats, but with one killer advantage: there's no need to fight about who does the cleaning. The cleaning costs are generally included in the rent, along with a desk, chair, and internet access. Co-workers also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and information and work together on projects.

More and more people are discovering these advantages – including in Bremen's Überseestadt. All the co-working spaces in this district at a glance:


Coworking Überseestadt - Weserwork
© Weserwork

• How much does a place cost and what do I get in return? Between 89 and 399 euros per month, depending on the tariff – coffee and internet included. A taster day is available free of charge. 

• How big is the shared office overall? At 700m² Weserwork is one of the larger co-working spaces in Bremen.

• How many places are available? Approx. 60 workplaces.

• Is there a meeting room? Three rooms of various sizes can be booked.

• Where is the office located and how do I get there? The co-working space is on the Europahafen quayside. Public transport will drop you virtually at the doorstep: simply take a no. 3 or no. 5 tram and get off at the Konsul-Smidt-Strasse stop. The office is a four-minute walk from the tram stop. Parking by arrangement.

• What are the hours of business? Depending on the tariff, either Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, or Monday to Sunday around the clock. 

• Where do I get my coffee? Coffee from the Weserwork coffee machine is included in the price. There is also a restaurant in the same building (Jaya), which offers cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and a host of other options.

• Where can I eat lunch? Jaya offers an alternating assortment of Asian lunches, as well as coffee. And you're otherwise spoilt for choice on the Europahafen quayside, with the Loui & Jules Grillboutique, Turkish bistro Meze by Evrim and Currykitchen Food Truck also offering lunchtime meals. If you only have time for a quick bite, there's a supermarket on Konsul-Smidt-Strasse selling pre-made salads and other snacks.

• What special service does the co-working space offer? A 'virtual office' secretarial service, meaning that co-workers have a business address and can receive calls or have messages taken even when they're absent.

• Which sectors are represented? The entire spectrum: advertising, journalism, publishing, management consultancy, coaching, web and graphic design, lawyers, tax consultants, PR, science communication, software/computer sales, lighting technology, and mediation.

Who can I contact?
Bernhard Havermann
+ 49 (0)421 1669 7550
Konsul-Smidt-Str. 8r

team neusta co.working

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• How much does a place cost and what do I get in return? A workplace costs 200 euros per month, for which you get a desk, chair, use of the printer, phone, and internet access. You can also bring in your own furniture if you want. Phone costs are invoiced on a monthly basis according to the actual cost incurred. Co-workers can use the kitchen, pool table, and table football free of charge.

• How big is the shared office overall? Approx. 400 m².

• How many places are available? Approx. 40.

• Is a meeting room available? Conference rooms can be booked free of charge by arrangement.

• Where is the office located and how do I get there? team neusta co.working is located in Schuppen Eins on the Europahafen quayside. You can get there by taking a tram no. 3 or no. 5 to the Konsul-Smidt-Strasse stop, or bus no. 26 or 28 to Überseetor or Bremen Schuppen 3. In the car park next door, you can park free of charge in the team neusta parking spaces.

• What are the hours of business? Co-workers can gain access to the office at any time using a security transponder.

• Where do I get my coffee? Co-workers and team neusta employees can meet up over coffee and cakes in the Hafenbrise in-house café. team neusta also provides everyone with free coffee and water.

• Where can I eat lunch? The Hafenbrise has a changing lunch menu every day from noon to 2.30pm. Options include: fresh salads, paninis, pizza, pasta with pesto, and other snacks.

• What special service does the co-working space offer? team neusta's office team receives mail and parcels and stores them at reception. Co-workers can also access the team neusta network if they need to, consisting of more than 700 experts from a wide variety of business areas including consultancy, IT, software development, web services and communication.

• Which sectors are represented? A very wide range, such as development, tourism, graphics, environment, consulting, cash register systems and event management.

Who can I contact?
At co.working: Sven Rolfes or Denise Geisler
+49 (0)421 4604 600
Konsul-Smidt-Strasse 24

Fenster zum Hof

Office at the Überseestadt
© Fenster zum Hof

• How much does a place cost and what do I get in return? Between 175 and 220 euros per month, depending on the tariff. This includes a designated desk with an office chair and five drawers, use of the shared kitchen and internet access via LAN and WLAN.

• How big is the shared office overall? Approx. 180 m².

• How many places are available? At present, there are four free workplaces. More places can be created if needed.

• Is there a meeting room? A meeting room can be booked free of charge.

• Where is the office located and how do I get there? In the immediate vicinity of the University of the Arts, the indoor blacklight minigolf centre, and the HafenRummel. The co-working space can be reached by public transport (no. 3 or no. 5 tram, or bus no. 20, 26, or 28). Parking can be rented directly in front of the building, if desired, and there are also plenty of free parking spaces nearby.

• What are the hours of business? 9am to 6pm on working days, although co-workers can access the office around the clock.

• Where do I get my coffee? A shared kitchen with a coffee machine is available, with coffee pods and water supplied. Downstairs in the courtyard (which gave its name to this co-working space), there is also the SchwarzLichtHof Bistro, which offers a huge range of different coffees.  

• Where can I eat lunch? There are plenty of places to choose from around the old timber and works quay. Co-workers can enjoy lunchtime views over the docklands at the Alte Feuerwache restaurant, for example, or gaze out at stacks of shipping containers from the comfort of Lloyd Caffee. A real insider's tip is the Hafen-Casino: a quaint eating house that only serves hearty home cooking – from cabbage soup and pickled herring with fried potatoes to kale with pinkel sausage.

• What special service does the co-working space offer? The courtyard can also be used for parties, barbecues, open-air meetings and other good ideas in consultation with the building's other tenants.

• Which sectors are represented? Examples include the film, text, graphics, photography and urban art sectors.

Who can I contact?
+49 (0)421 7930 8543
Cuxhavener Strasse 7

Hiring meeting rooms

Überseestadt also has a variety of options for self-employed people who only need a room for meetings, workshops or seminars from time to time.

The Weserwork co-working space has three meeting rooms, which are also available to external users.

• Size? 25, 35 and 40 m² (rooms can be combined with each other)

• Capacity? Up to 40 people.

• Price? On request.

• Address? Konsul-Smidt-Strasse 8 r, 28217 Bremen

• Contact? +49 (0)421 1669 7550, info@weserwork.de

Blaukontor für Gestaltung GmbH offers a meeting room on the sixth floor of the Hartmann Tower at the Europahafen, with a view over the old docklands.

• Size? 55 m²

• Capacity? 5 to 12 people

• Price? From 50 euros

•  Address? Konsul-Smidt-Strasse 10, 28217 Bremen

• Contact? Axel Stiehler or Susanne Hagemeister, hagemeister@blaukontor.de, +49 (0)421 706 102

An overview of all event spaces in Überseestadt, whether for meetings or celebrations, can be found here, and Bremeninvest has compiled a list of all the city's co-working space providers on its website.

Andreas Gerber

Team Leader Bremeninvest

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