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16 August 2023 -

Working Together to Resolve the Skills Shortage

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Bremeninvest's skilled employee service

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The shortage of skilled workers is noticeable in almost all professions © WFB

Many sectors are affected by the shortage of qualified employees. This lack of specialist staff is a significant risk for the companies concerned. The reasons are many and various, and there's no miracle cure. However, thanks to its numerous partners, Bremeninvest can offer a broad range of services and assistance to help overcome these problems.

According to the German Chamber of Commerce, the skills shortage costs the German economy 100 billion Euros a year. Many German companies now view the lack of employees and specialist staff as a greater threat than the rising costs of energy and raw materials, especially with regard to competitiveness and the ability to innovate.

The good thing is that something can be done about this and that something is already being done in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. Bremeninvest is countering the skills shortage by providing a wide spectrum of services for local companies:

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WFB is active in these countries with its foreign brand Bremeninvest. © WFB

Skilled worker immigration

Bremen offers companies services and support for attracting and integrating skilled employees. With its Welcome Service, Bremeninvest acts as a "regional coordination point for skilled worker recruitment". The Welcome Service advises on residency and recognition of qualifications and work permits. It brings together all the bodies involved in integration in the Federal State of Bremen. The experts at Bremeninvest advise small and medium-sized enterprises about recruiting employees from abroad. Skilled workers and entrepreneurs who come to Bremen are provided with information and practical help by experts. Bremeninvest's project partners include the IQ Netzwerk Bremen, Bremen Chamber of Commerce, the Senator for the Interior, the Senator for Economy and Seaports and Transformation and many more.

The "Dual Career Service" also offers a free-of-charge service for companies if it becomes clear, during an interview, that a candidate's partner would also like to relocate to Bremen or Bremerhaven with them.

Specialist recruitment

Anyone involved in recruiting skilled workers for German-based companies will have to jump through a multitude of bureaucratic hoops. In its role as the international arm of the WFB, Bremeninvest helps companies from abroad find premises in Bremen and Bremerhaven and guides them through the different stages of relocation. With offices in China, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Vietnam, Bremeninvest is actively involved, locally, as it is in the USA, where it is a partner in the "Northern Germany Innovation Office" joint project. Bremeninvest's offices in other countries also help companies recruit skilled workers, with their contacts and networks.

Marketing for skilled employees

The www.fachkraefte-fuer-bremen.de website has an especially high profile in the Federal State of Bremen when it comes to targeting specialist employees. It aims to bundle Information for employers and job-seekers and initiate a range of different measures as part of the skilled worker strategy set up by Bremen's Senate. Among other things, this website has a Toolbox which marketing and communications managers and human resource managers can use to gather information about the city and apply it during their recruitment processes.

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At the regulars' table for HR managers, experts discuss selected HR topics with interested parties. © WFB / Jan Rathke

Company networking

Bremen's highly successful Stammtisch für Personalverantwortliche (Regulars table for HR managers) has been running for the past four years and is the ideal platform for exchanging news and expertise. The meetings are always lively and convivial and are a great place for getting to know other companies. The constructive atmosphere and positive feedback encourage participants to continue the exchanges they start at these events. In future, this platform will add to the range of topics it covers and also focus on issues of corporate culture and transformation.

The 18th Regulars table for personnel managers will be held on September 20th 2023, at 4pm. The topic "New Work needs New Learning! – Incentives for an innovative further education culture" will take centre stage at this event.

Location marketing

A location's character and the quality of life it offers are important criteria for job applicants. These considerations are part of Bremen's current image campaign (Bremen – Mehr als Märchen, One Love image film and more), which is currently running on various channels and media platforms and also on social media. This is all the work of the Marketing for Bremen service. Bremeninvest also offers companies custom multi-lingual city tours for job applicants or new employees.

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