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Funding for events

Cultural and sporting events in Bremen

Bremeninvest provides support for cultural and sporting events in Bremen and Bremerhaven on behalf of – and using funds provided by – Bremen's Senator for the Economy, Labour and Ports. Events are supported that have the potential to be of nationwide importance, with subsidies provided to cover the shortfall in their funding.

Bremen is the only city in Germany that provides strategic funding for cultural and sporting projects. The focus is on events that will either directly or indirectly prompt people to visit Bremen. Events are also eligible for funding if they have a high profile beyond the regional media and enhance Bremen's image.

The amount of funding provided is determined by the budget.

How to receive funding

We accept applications for event funding at the beginning of the year prior to the one in which the event is due to take place. Using pre-determined criteria in five core areas, we create a shortlist of applications and a ranking. In Bremen and Bremerhaven the award committees meet, usually before the summer holidays, to decide which projects will then receive funding.

Call us if you are interested in receiving funding for your event. We will be happy to answer your questions and can send you the relevant application forms.