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Wind energy

Wind power and wind energy - a major pillar in the future economic health of Bremen

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We champion the cause of wind energy in Bremen and its practitioners and pioneers
Bremen plays a key role in wind energy. Wind turbines and wind parks have been designed and built in Bremen since 1990. Wind energy is a thriving sector in the Bremen region and holds a great deal of potential for the future. Many of the industry's pioneering companies have based themselves here and form a strong network that covers all aspects of the value chain.

Today over 120 companies and institutes employ more than 5,000 people across the industry, with 3,500 of them working in offshore wind energy in Bremen and Bremerhaven. They are all part of a strong network that is ideal for facilitating a range of onshore and offshore wind energy projects.

In Germany, electricity generated by wind energy already accounts for 13 per cent of all power consumed nationwide, and plans are in place to increase this proportion further still.

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Offshore wind farms

Wind energy has a key role to play in the switch to renewable energy sources, and nowhere does the wind blow stronger than out on the high seas.

Thanks to its coastal location, Bremerhaven has become a key hub for the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines in Germany. Major industry players such as Senvion and Adwen have production sites in the city. Bremerhaven has been a leading player in the wind energy industry for more than ten years now.

A unique network in Bremen

Research, development, production, service and maintenance – companies and institutes in Bremen and Bremerhaven cover all aspects of the wind energy industry:

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology
  • ForWind – Centre for Wind Energy Research
  • Dynamic Nacelle Testing Laboratory (DyNaLab) for the testing of complete wind turbine nacelles
  • Rotor blade centre: test stand for rotor blades measuring up to 90 metres
  • Wind turbine research facility at the University of Bremen
  • Laboratory for the measurement of large gear systems at the University of Bremen

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The WAB Wind Energy Agency in Bremerhaven facilitates collaboration and the exchange of knowledge among its 350 or so members. It is the leading network for wind energy companies in the north-west of Germany and a point of contact for Germany's offshore wind energy industry.