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Technology and start-up centres in Bremen

For the successful realisation of your business ideas

We have the space, if you have the idea. Your ambitious business goals will only be achieved if you have made proper preparations for the big launch. So it's important to work at a place where your vision for your business isn't hampered by bureaucracy. Where it has the time and support that it needs to thrive. At the technology and start-up centres in Bremen, we give you the space that you need to realise your business ideas. Whether you are growing your company or starting a new business, you can maximise your chances of success by taking advantage of our comprehensive services.

We offer you and your company:

  • Advice and support
    Throughout the initial phase, the centre management team will be on hand to provide individual advice and expert support. They will also tell you about beginners' management mistakes so that you can avoid making them yourself.
  • Funding programmes
    You will be given direct access to grants, subsidies and funding programmes and will be helped with all the formalities. The management team at your centre will also be happy to put you in touch with other companies and government institutions.
  • Networking
    You will become part of a dynamic network of innovative companies and research institutes. This network will help you to stay one step ahead of the market when it comes to establishing and growing your company.
  • Office services
    To make your new business a success you need first-class offices. With attractive buildings, state-of-the-art facilities and a comprehensive range of office management services, this is exactly what we offer.

BITZ and Start-up centre at World Trade Center Bremen

The technology and start-up centres in Bremen provide key services and many other facilities for start-ups and young technology companies. BITZ (Bremen Innovation and Technology Centre) and its Fahrenheit Houses as the start-up centre at WTC World Trade Center Bremen provide the best possible environment for start-up companies to innovate and succeed.

The technology and start-up centres are a key component of Bremen's business support programme and are there to help you grow your company. In the following sections we will give you an idea of what you can expect from them.

BITZ – Bremen Innovation and Technology Centre

BITZ, the Bremen Innovation and Technology Centre, provides experienced entrepreneurs and people who are new to start-ups with the support they need to make their innovative business ideas a success.

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And after the incubator? The Fahrenheit Houses

Once their business starts to take off, new companies have the option of moving straight from the Bremen Innovation and Technology Centre to the Fahrenheit Houses.

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Start-up centre at World Trade Center Bremen

In the start-up centre close to Bremen Airport you will find everything you need to make a success of your new business.

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In good company: the business directory

Would you like to see who your new neighbours might be? Our business directory contains details of the companies that are based at the Bremen Innovation and Technology Centre and the start-up centres in Bremen's World Trade Centre.

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The services offered by the technology and start-up centres are ideal for new businesses

At every stage of starting your own business it's important to get the details right – from putting yourself in the right surroundings to having a fully equipped conference room. Bremen's technology and start-up centres offer a comprehensive range of services and flexible facilities that meet the specific needs of new businesses. These will help you, as an entrepreneur, to turn your business idea into reality.

Bremeninvest is on hand to provide expert answers to any questions you might have about moving into one of the technology and start-up centres. Benefit from the comprehensive inhouse facilities:

  • Modern conference rooms in variable sizes
  • Reliable communications infrastructure (data network, inhouse network and 1 GB fibre internet)
  • Wi-Fi in the conference rooms
  • Online presence as part of the centres' shared internet presence
  • Foyer suitable for receptions
  • Copy and fax service
  • Kitchenette
  • Excellent links to the regional and national transport networks
  • Parking spaces can be hired

Our job is to support businesses in Bremen, so we'll do everything we can to help you achieve success. Get in touch with us now.