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Tomorrow's green energy

Hydrogen will play a central role in the energy mix of the future. By being generated from renewable sources, such as wind power or photovoltaics, which use electrolysis, it will reduce CO2 emissions in many different sectors. Hydrogen can be used to power fuel cells in vehicles or ships, as a replacement for coal in steel plants or as the basic raw material for industrial processes. It can also be used to store the excess electricity generated on sunny or windy days.

The North of Germany is a region particularly well suited to hydrogen production. This region already leads the way in renewable technologies, is close to the wind farms in the North Sea, has storage capacity in its underground caverns and also has a well-established industrial infrastructure that can make direct use of this climate-neutral gas. As a pioneer in the field of renewable energy, with a wealth of science-based companies and research facilities, the state of Bremen is a focal point in the green revolution in the use of hydrogen.

Here you'll find an overview of the networks, platforms and currently active projects.

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Success Stories

Hydrogen in Bremen
15 December 2022
Hydrogen in Bremen – An Overview of 24 Projects, Companies and Initiatives

Climate-neutral hydrogen is an indispensable component of our future energy supply. In Bremen, more than one billion euros are being invested in sustainable hydrogen projects.

external link to Bremen-Innovativ
Letters from ...
23 November 2022
Letters from Vietnam – Fall 2022

Bremen and Vietnam are growing closer together and hydrogen projects from Vietnam - insights into Vietnam's economy are provided by Huong Thi Hoang, director of our Bremeninvest office in Vietnam.

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Hydrogen in Bremen
4 August 2022
Driving a hydrogen-powered car through Bremen

How does a hydrogen-powered car work? How do you fill it up? And is it all safe? There's a lot of questions about driving with hydrogen. One of the very first users of this technology has given us an insight into this topic on a tour of Bremen and also shown us just what's happening with this volatile gas in the city.

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