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The ECOMAT research and technology centre

Bremen's contribution to the key technology of lightweight construction

The ECOMAT research and technology centre, currently under construction in Airport-Stadt Bremen, brings together Bremen's existing commercial and research expertise in the field of lightweight materials. ECOMAT, the Centre for Eco-efficient Materials & Technologies, is located in close proximity to Bremen airport and important industry partners. Soon, around 500 specialists in lightweight construction from business and science will be working together here under one roof.

Success Stories

16 May 2022
A new dimension in metal 3D-printing

Additive manufacturing without any support structures, minimizing distortion and efficient - these characteristics can significantly improve metal 3D printing. The start-up AMSIS is creating the basis for this - and thus getting a hearing in additive manufacturing.

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Hydrogen in Bremen
14 April 2022
Bremen and Bremerhaven Projects Prioritising Hydrogen

In Bremen and Bremerhaven, the transformation to climate-friendly energy with hydrogen is starting. A conversation with Saskia Greiner and Dieter Voß about current projects.

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ECOMAT / lightweight construction
8 July 2021
The "thinking" 3D printer: machine learning combined with 3D printing for monitoring the quality of components

In sectors where the safety requirements are exceptionally high, such as aviation, manufacturing errors must be prevented at all costs. A project based in Bremen is creating an algorithm that will work as an adjunct to visual inspections.

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