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About us – Bremeninvest

Your service provider for trade and industry in Bremen – a one-stop shop for business

Remit of Bremeninvest

Bremeninvest brings Bremen's quality of life and economic appeal to the attention of business and research communities in Germany and abroad.

The Bremeninvest team is committed to helping you with all matters related to your company's development. We provide uncomplicated, expert advice on relocations, property searches and innovation projects and we know how to get things done. We act as an interface between business, research and public authorities and we always find the best solution – for you and your company.

Work and family

It's not always easy to combine work and family life. At Bremeninvest we make continual efforts to ensure that our employees can achieve a good work-life balance. Our company policy is designed to support them in this goal. Since 2008 Bremeninvest has regularly been awarded the berufundfamilie (work and family) certificate in recognition of its family-focused efforts, which continue to make it an attractive employer to both existing and prospective staff.

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Bremeninvest as a training organisation

High-quality vocational training is a key strength of the German economy. It can be provided as part of a traditional apprenticeship in a recognised trade or in combination with a university degree. We make our contribution to this important component of the economy and society by training the skilled workers of tomorrow. For various occupations, we offer apprenticeship places and options for combining vocational training with study at a university. Internships are also available in various departments of Bremeninvest.

Divisions of Bremeninvest

Bremeninvest is divided into the following divisions:

Economic development and administrative services


The division Economic development and administrative services consists of four departments: Real Estate & Construction, Corporate Services/Commercial Space, Acquisition and Projects and Commercial Services, and three staff units: Corporate Communications, Legal Services/Investments and Auditing.

The core day-to-day activities in the economic development division encompass sales and business services, innovation support, land development, high rise construction and real estate. For example, the division develops and markets industrial estates on behalf of the regional government, including the Technology Park at the University of Bremen or Bremen Airport-City close to the city's airport. The regeneration of Überseestadt (New Harbour District) is also attracting attention from all over Germany. Bremeninvest also manages around 100 municipally owned properties and sites.

Providing support for companies that are already based in Bremen and attracting new ones to invest in the city are two of the division's main responsibilities. It also implements various funding programmes, supports the Bremen region's innovation cluster and manages the Bremen technology and start-up centres.

The administrative services department is responsible for functions such as HR management/organisation, accounting, finance, IT organisation and HR for the company as a whole.

Support departments

The support departments responsible for law and equity investments, internal audit and procurement support functions and for corporate communications form part of the division and report directly to the CEO.


Andreas Heyer

Economic Development


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Marketing and Tourism


The Marketing and Tourism business unit is made up of three departments: marketing, online and tourism. It is responsible for brand design, brand architecture and the brand communications strategy.

The marketing department

The marketing department promotes Bremen as an exciting place to visit and as a hub for science and commerce. It provides funding for cultural and sporting events and promotes cycling tourism in Bremen.

The department also provides services to other business units and subsidiaries of Bremeninvest and functions as a marketing and advertising agency for the Senate departments. It acts as an internal agency to assist the business units and the subsidiary BAB (Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH) – the development bank for Bremen and Bremerhaven – with marketing their products and services.

The department is also in charge of print production and promoting Bremen in public advertising spaces. It provides funding for cultural and sporting events of national importance.

The online department

The online department develops and maintains the websites bremen.de and bremen-tourismus.de, the official social media channels of the Federal State of Bremen and the ‘Schwarzes Brett’ small ads. It makes key information for residents, visitors and other interested parties available in the latest formats and actively communicates with users. The department is fully up to date with the latest online trends and technologies. It also supports Bremeninvest’s online sales and marketing activities and delivers projects for Bremeninvest itself and other public sector organisations.

The tourism department

The tourism department is responsible for promoting tourism to Bremen in Germany, Europe and around the world. This includes services in Bremen for day visitors and visitors staying overnight, and for delegates at conferences and conventions in partnership with the Bremen Convention Bureau and the service for businesses, associations and tourism companies. The department also supports the Federal State of Bremen’s tourist information office and its 500 tourism service providers.

Corporate governance and equity investments

In addition to its divisions, Bremeninvest has various subsidiaries and equity investments for structural, political and strategic reasons. It also exercises shareholder functions in companies on a fiduciary basis on behalf of the Bremen region. Bremen's development bank (Bremer Aufbau-Bank-GmbH) and the H.A.G.E. Grunstücksverwaltungsgesellschaft are among its most important subsidiaries. Information about all other companies and the respective shareholdings can be downloaded here.

A selection of companies and the respective shareholdings:

  • Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH (100%)
  • Bremer Weser-Stadion GmbH (50%)
  • Bremerhavener Innovations- und Gründerzentrum (BRIG) GmbH (48,01%)
  • GVZ Entwicklungs-Gesellschaft Bremen GmbH (26.47%)

Members of the supervisory board of Bremeninvest

Supervisory Board members for 2020:

  • Senator Kristina Vogt, The Senator for Economy, Labour and Europe (chairwoman)
  • Mayor Dr. Maike Schaefer, Senator for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Urban Development and Housing
  • Senator Dr. Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports
  • Melf Grantz, Mayor of Bremerhaven
  • State Councillor Silke Krebs, Senator for Finance
  • Dr. Ralph Baumheier, Head of Department in the Senate Chancellery
  • Janina Marahrens-Hashagen, President of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, CEO H. Marahrens GmbH Schiffs- und Sicherheitsbeschilderung
  • Thomas Kurzke, President of the Bremen Chamber of Skilled Trades, CEO Kurzke GmbH & Co. Malereibetrieb KG
  • Marc Bernhard, Chairman of the Works Council and Bremeninvest employee (vice chairman)
  • F.-W. Nennecke, Bremeninvest employee
  • Sabine Wohlers, Bremeninvest / Marketing employee