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10 June 2021 - Jann Raveling

10 Medical and Biotechnology Companies in Bremen

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Employers in the biotech and medical technology sector in Bremen

Companies in the medical technology sector export the majority of their products, for which there is a global demand
Companies in the medical technology sector export the majority of their products, for which there is a global demand © pixabay

In Bremen, medical technology and biotech companies are involved in investigating new technologies, new treatment methods and the production of base products for medical treatments. As a result, they're creating new jobs and a corpus of knowledge in a high tech industry which many people don't realise is based in the Hanseatic city.

The term "medical technology" covers companies involved in manufacturing medical devices or accessories for clinics and doctors' practices, and therefore developing and marketing new procedures. In Germany, this industry generates an annual revenue of around 33 billion Euros and employs around 150,000 people (German).

In contrast, the terms "biotechnology" or "biotech" refer to companies that use biological raw materials such as enzymes, proteins, cells or organisms. In many cases, this includes new procedures for medical applications (for example, the CRISPR gene editing tool). However, biotechnology is also used in the food industry (cheese enzymes, yeasts) or in the environmental sector (enzymes in water treatment plants). This requires interdisciplinary cooperation between engineering scientists, biological scientists, chemical scientists and those involved in medical science.

In Bremerhaven, the University of Applied Science offers bachelor and master degree courses in biotechnology. In Bremen, the City University of Applied Sciences has an international master degree course in "Industrial and Environmental Biology".

10 Bremen companies in the medical technology and biotech sector

Varseo printing system from BEGO
Varseo printing system from BEGO © BEGO

1. BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei Wilh. Herbst GmbH & Co. KG

The dental technology solutions created and manufactured by Bremen's best-known medical technology company are used throughout the world. The company supplies versatile technologies for creating dental prostheses, such as implants or bridges. The company also develops its own ground-breaking 3D printer technologies and automated digital solutions, which are acknowledged as state of the art in its sector.

2. Sirius Fine Chemicals SiChem GmbH

SiChem is commissioned by pharmaceutical companies to create active compounds that then undergo further processing by the drug manufacturers, in a similar way to a component supplier in the automotive industry. This Bremen-based company specialises in signalling molecules, which are responsible for forwarding chemical or physical signals in the body. It also supplies substances for other specialist areas of the chemicals industry.

3. MeVis Medical Solutions AG

This public limited company develops computer-based procedures for image-based diagnostics and therapies. These include, for example, software programmes that enable doctors to analyse computer tomography images. The company, which has a workforce of 140 staff, is closely involved with cancer detection and diagnosis, where it also uses artificial intelligence methods.

4. Eurofins Q-Bioanalytic GmbH

Thanks to the Corona crisis, "PCR test" is now a commonly used term. This test can identify even low levels of the virus quickly and reliably. Q-Bioanalytic is also working on PCR tests, but in other areas, such as for identifying salmonella and many other pathogens. With its own production facility and laboratory in Bremerhaven, this company is also an important partner for the foodstuffs industry. The team is currently working on new applications for PCR tests, such as diagnosing malaria.

5. OMNI Life Science GmbH & Co KG (OLS)

This company develops devices for isolating, counting and analysing individual cells taken from samples. Its devices also keeps the cells alive or displays them as images on a computer screen. OLS devices are used in the discovery of new medicines and their effects, and in testing.

Meike Spiekermann from mir|detect shows how the new blood test for detecting testicular cancer works
Meike Spiekermann from mir|detect shows how the new blood test for detecting testicular cancer works © WFB/Pusch

6. Molzym GmbH

Molzym supplies diagnostics kits, reagents and medical technology for automating laboratory analyses for investigating infectious diseases caused by bacteria and fungi. This company also uses PCR tests to identify bacteria and fungi in samples as quickly as possible.

7. mir|detect GmbH

Its new test for the treatment of testicular cancer has made this newly established Bremen company (German) the talk of the town. This test is much more accurate than the previous procedure and is eagerly anticipated by the medical community. The new test, which is manufactured in Bremerhaven, is currently in the final phase before market launch. The team is already working on other new products and procedures.

8. Biolog Life Science Institute GmbH & Co. KG

Nucleic acids are some of the basic elements of life itself. They make up our DNA. The smallest elements of nucleic acids are nucleotides – tiny molecules with many varied properties, depending on how they are linked to other molecules. The Biolog Life Science Institute specialises in creating nucleotides. The company creates a multitude of different nucleotides, investigates them and produces bespoke customer-specific reagents which are then used, for example, in the production of medicines.

9. ZytoVision GmbH

There are more than a hundred different types of tumour. The more accurately a tumour can be diagnosed, the more targeted its treatment can be. ZytoVision conducts research into, and produces, marker substances that are used to detect specific types of cancer. The products of this Bremerhaven-based company are sold world-wide.

10. NuVasive Germany GmbH

Creating the instruments and implants used in spinal surgery is the core business of NuVasive, from California. The company is one of the world's market leaders in this niche market. The European subsidiary of this US-based company, NuVasive Germany GmbH, has been located in Bremen since 2009. It primarily handles sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for its American parent.

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