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27 November 2018 - Jann Raveling

IT companies in Bremen


Software service providers offer a wide range of skills in Bremen

Bremen is an IT hub for the B2B sector
Bremen is an IT hub for the B2B sector © WFB/Jonas Ginter

Bremen’s IT companies are not only major players in the local economy but are also among the market leaders across Germany.

Bremen is home to more than 1,300 companies that are active in a wide range of IT fields. They include system houses, app and software developers, IT training providers, to name but a few. A particular focus in Bremen is the development of bespoke software for retail and industry.

These companies employ more than 7,500 people in total, a significant portion of whom also studied in Bremen. Local businesses value the city’s excellent educational facilities and appreciate the direct access to highly qualified graduates, who quickly find a job here.
The University of Bremen plays a major role in this thanks to its computer science courses, but there are also a number of specialised universities that contribute to the supply of skilled workers. Many fields are represented here, including computer sciences, digital media, digitalisation, technomathematics and business informatics. Several businesses are collaborating on degree apprenticeships in computer sciences, which allows their employees to study for higher level qualifications. Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences has created a course dedicated specifically to digitalisation.

The partnership between business and academia also extends to other fields, such as application development. Many research projects, particularly in digitalisation, are three-way undertakings involving industry, research and the digital economy that ensure a stimulating dialogue between the disciplines. This is just one of the seven reasons why IT service providers decide to relocate to Bremen. These ten companies are representative of the sector:

10 Bremen-based IT companies

1. team neusta

Germany’s largest internet agency employs more than 1,000 people in Bremen. The company is active in all areas of application development. It has also founded numerous subsidiaries and operates one of Bremen’s largest business incubators, which actively supports a range of start-ups with funding and expertise. (LINK)

2. hmmh

This agency is one of the pioneers of e-commerce. It not only provides consultancy services but also develops internet shops and B2B solutions for well-known brands such as bonprix, Tchibo and Gerry Weber. More than 300 employees work with the latest technologies, such as voice assistants, and are the experts at the interface where customers and companies meet online.

3. abat

Conventional corporate structures are increasingly rare at abat – senior managers become coaches and teams organise themselves. Modern, non-hierarchical organisational structures for the modern age ensure that this software service provider and SAP vendor is equipped for the future. The company operates around the world with a focus on the automotive industry, where its customers include Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and VW.

4. encoway

encoway is Europe’s market leader in digital configurators. The software is used wherever companies build products individually according to customer requirements rather than supplying goods off the peg. Such products could include anything from agricultural machinery and engines to power inverters. The company from Bremen-Horn is particularly active in fostering young talent.

5. HEC

This subsidiary of team neusta specialises in bespoke software for all sectors of industry, and is therefore often at the forefront of digitalisation. If there is a new IT topic, you will find it here – whether it is virtual reality, blockchains or scrum development. One example is the digital strategy at Bremen-based industrial climbing specialists Rope Access Solutions.

6. DBH Logistics

DBH focuses on the transport sector and specialises in the development of bespoke software for all aspects of transport, including customs clearance, export control, port communications, haulage management and cloud services.

7. IGEL Technology

IGEL develops hardware and software for the IT infrastructure of large corporations. Equipped with its own operating system and completely networked, the company's solution makes it easier for IT departments to quickly and securely set up and maintain workstations for large companies with many employees. IGEL software is used by millions of users around the world.


The IT engineering experts at SALT AND PEPPER employ more than 600 people. That is an impressive figure considering that the company was only founded ten years ago. The software experts provide consulting and development services in almost all areas of industry – and also have offices in China.

9. Consultix

This company works in an entirely different field. It operates a data centre where corporate data can find a secure home. The company has repurposed an old nuclear bunker in Bremen and transformed it into one of Germany’s most secure data centres. Consultix also offers CRM solutions and digital marketing services.

10. i2dm

i2dm develops apps and software for all systems, from Apple smartphone to Windows PC, and offers content management systems, system analysis and quality management. The company is a true pioneer of the internet and of digital media with more than 20 years’ experience.

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