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28 February 2019 - Merle Burghart

We love Bremen: 10 declarations of affection

Quality of life

What makes the city such a great place to live

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Schon die Stadtmusikanten zog es nach Bremen © WFB / Jann Raveling

Bremen: a historical city steeped in tradition, but also very modern. Down-to-earth, yet always ready to surprise you. An attractive place to live, a city through which we can move easily and without stress – on foot along the river Weser, on two wheels through the many parks, or by tram through the city centre. People from different cities and countries tell us why they fell in love with Bremen and have made their lives here.

It is just a lovely, friendly city. I know Istanbul, Izmir, Cologne and other large cities very well. Bremen offers almost everything. But it is all much simpler, more comfortable and convenient. And the houses in Bremen, they really fascinate me.

Kemal Bektas, managing director of Leela Cotton, from Izmir (Turkey)
Old houses in Bremen
A very distinctive character: old houses in Bremen © Bremeninvest/Thomas Hellmann

I love all the cyclists! Even the youngest kids are out and about on their bikes. It's not like that in China, where people rely on cars, public transport or electric scooters. People here try to live healthier and more beautiful lives than in China. I like especially the flower stalls at the market and the city's book shop.

Jiani Chen, founder of App CN, China
Christmas market in Bremen
The Christmas market in front of Bremen's town hall attracts locals and visitors to the city centre © BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale

Particularly I like the old quarter and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Hanseatic League that permeates the city. And the locals. They are direct, down to earth and treat you as an equal. The small start-up scene is very dedicated and sticks together. It would be different in Berlin and Munich – they are far too busy.

Elad Yaacov, CEO of Tonepedia, Israel
The Azalea Garden in the "Old Park" is in full bloom
The Azalea Garden in the "Old Park" is in full bloom © Stiftung Bremer Rhododendronpark/Michael Werbeck

I love to have a beer on the Schlachte riverbank, enjoy the peace and quiet of the city, that's quite different compared to India. In winter, I like the mulled wine and Christmas market, embedded in the historical architecture around the city centre.

Padmaraj Pattanashetti, founder of Dhewish, India
Semkenfahrt canal in winter
The Semkenfahrt canal in Bremen's Blockland is perfect for ice skating © WFB / Jens Lehmkühler

I always need to be near water. As long as I can get outside: water. It calms me down. The ships go by, the seagulls are flying, the air, the water.

Thorsten Nitzsche, owner of the “Unser Angler Paradies” angling shop, from Bremen
In Bremen the water is never far away
Wherever we are: in Bremen the water is never far away © Bremeninvest/Jens Lehmkühler

Considering its size, there’s quite a lot going on in Bremen. From the Freimarkt funfair to the Christmas market, not to mention all the events during the summer. The people of Bremen certainly know how to enjoy themselves. And I love the Schlachte Embankment, and like to have a beer on the banks of the river Weser now and again. I think it’s mainly the people of Bremen themselves, they are always so friendly and really welcoming.

Stefan Kuzmanovski, CEO of ACSK-Clothing and former student at Bremen’s Jacobs University, from Macedonia

Relaxing after work on a balmy summer evening
Relaxing after work on a balmy summer evening © Bremeninvest/Jens Lehmkühler

When I cycle across the river Weser in the morning and see the sky reflected in the water I know it’s going to be a good day. Bremen is colourful and dirty, relaxed and friendly, varied but quickly familiar. Vanity is alien to Bremen, that’s what makes it so nice here.

Marie Berg, PhD student at Bremen University’s graduate college, from Paderborn
The Papp in Bremen’s Neustadt district
The Papp in Bremen’s Neustadt district © Bremeninvest/Jens Lehmkühler

The nice thing about Bremen? Bremen keeps redefining itself, and we should all join in its voyage of discovery!

Malte Prieser, director of the Bremen-Nord Culture Office, from Bremen

The ‘ Bremer Viertel’ (quarter)
The ‘Bremer Viertel’ (quarter) © Bremeninvest/Thomas Hellmann

For me, above all it’s the friends I met at the Jacobs University. These relationships have shaped my life to a significant degree; it is these people who make Bremen so special for me. And my host mother, Andrea Koch, also played a huge part. She was like a second mother to me, always made me feel welcome and helped me to get used to life in Germany.

Ahmed Cheema, CEO of ACSK-Clothing and former student at Bremen’s Jacobs University, from Pakistan
The Jacobs University in Bremen
People from 111 countries study at the Jacobs University in Bremen © Jacobs University

I love the key from Bremen’s coat of arms. It is the key to so many things. When I see that key, I know everything is easy: I am flexible and can be spontaneous. For me, the key represents access - to everything. It’s really the key to your life.

Sheila Grayman-Ewert, language teacher, from Boston (Massachusetts, USA)

You can find out about other things that Bremen has to offer from our city showcase: The city portal bremen.eu has more information and useful tips for getting to know, and love, Bremen.

We offer further information and interesting articles on living and working in Bremen in our section 'Marketing for Bremen'.

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