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Eight products from Bremen that everybody knows

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Brand-name products from Bremen

The Mercedes plant in Bremen is one of the company’s key sites © WFB/Frank Pusch

A beer, a cup of coffee and some fish fingers – that might not be a very balanced meal, but it was definitely made in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

Let´s take a look at some famous brand-name products that are made in Bremen. Our search is based on two criteria: the products are known outside of Bremen and anyone can buy them.

Eight products from Bremen:

Beck’s Bier

Beck’s is known around the world. The brewery on the Weser river, now part of the international AB-Inbev Group, has been making beer in the characteristic green bottle since 1873. It is fitting that the 'Alexander von Humboldt' is docked in Bremen, as the ship with the green sails was a key element of Beck’s advertising for years, along with Joe Cocker´s 'Sail away'.

Mercedes automobiles

The Mercedes plant in Bremen is the largest employer in the state of Bremen and manufactures ten models, including the Group’s first full-production electric car. Eight out of ten Mercedes are made in Bremen!

Iglo fish fingers

The most popular fish dish by children all around the world is produced in Bremerhaven, Europe’s frozen food capital. Frozen Fish International – which belongs to Iglo – makes around 1.9 billion fish fingers every year in one of the world’s largest frozen fish factories.

Fish fingers from Iglo in a freezer
Fish fingers made in Bremerhaven are a popular choice with young and old alike © Iglo

Melitta Auslese coffee

Bremen is renowned for its coffee, and a significant proportion of all coffee imported to Germany arrives via Bremen’s ports. The bulk of it is roasted right in the Hanseatic city. Melitta is one of the best-known roasters and produces around 500,000 packs of coffee a day.

Frosta frozen vegetables

Frosta has been producing frozen foods since the 1950s, making it one of the oldest brands in the business. The Bremerhaven-based company has been a long-standing pioneer of sustainability and transparency.


Vitakraft will be a familiar name to many owners of dogs, cats, birds and other pets. The pet food manufacturer was founded as far back as 1837 and today employs around 1,100 people worldwide.

The Jacobs coffee roastery in Sebaldsbrück
The Jacobs coffee roastery in Sebaldsbrück © Jacobs

Jacobs Krönung coffee

Another popular coffee brand created in Bremen. The company, formerly known as the 'specialist in coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolates and biscuits', has been roasting coffee beans since 1907. Jacobs is now part of the company Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE Peet´s), but is still roasting in Bremen.

Fun Factory

Fun for adults: the products made by Fun Factory have brought modern design and fresh ideas to the sex toy industry. The Bremen-based company has won several design awards, and its ideas have inspired many imitators – probably the best proof of their success.

And here you'll find our list of eight products from Bremen that nobody has heard of, but everyone uses.

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