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13 June 2014 - Ingrid Krause

13 Bars in Bremen

© Ingrid Krause

To me, nightlife in Bremen means getting away from it all in pubs and bars that play good music. Nightclubs and discos are not really my thing, so I’d like to give you my personal nightlife tips.

These bars play a wide range of music, mainly stuff I like. And unless I say otherwise, the music covers genres from punk rock, heavy metal and rock, to ska, rockabilly and alternative; quite often these are older songs that are not mainstream.

Even if some of the venues are full of students, I still don’t feel out of place as a forty-something. Almost all the venues are small and allow smoking, which isn’t always easy for a non-smoker like me.

None of the venues are fully wheelchair-accessible – there’s always some step to get over, or the toilets are very small and access is cramped. If the toilets are in the cellar, then there will be a note to say so.

Corner of Sielwall with Eisen bar © Jonas Ginter
Capri-Bar and Bermuda in the Bermuda triangle © Jonas Ginter

Other great bars in Bremen

There are any number of restaurants and beer gardens along the Schlachte Embankment, and plenty of clubs along the ‘club mile’. Naturally. But the best locations to find some nice pubs and bars are listed below:

Bermuda triangle

Every city has a Bermuda triangle, and Bremen is no exception. There is even a bar called Bermuda, and it is on two of the photos, but it didn’t quite make it on to my list. In the summer there are many places to sit outside in the triangle.

Corner of Humboldtstrasse/Fehrfeld

Ostertorsteinweg and Vor dem Steintor

Along the main road in the Viertel quarter, split in two by Sielwall, there are many restaurants, pubs and bars. Or you can party right there in the street. Along Ostertor it tends to be a little more upmarket, but along Steintor you’ll find more rustic bars such as Haifischbecken, Haltepunkt and the like.


Brommy-Platz square and the surrounding venues are a popular meeting place before and after Werder Bremen home games, but there’s bound to be something for everyone at other times, too. Unless you’re looking for something more upmarket.

Corner of Hamburger Strasse and Auf dem Peterswerder

And another tip: the happy hour guide.

Ostertorsteinweg, with Litfass hidden away on the left © Jonas Ginter

Having a good time outside of the Viertel quarter

A few venues in Neustadt have made it on to my list. I’ve checked out the Walle district a couple of times, but haven’t found any contenders for my list there yet. I should possibly mention Karo in Reuterstrasse. I’d be grateful if you could send me your tips, especially from other districts in Bremen. I’d particularly like tips for non-smoking venues with good music.

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