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PlanBlue GmbH

Umwelttechnologie / Environmental Technology

PlanBlue offers a new seafloor monitoring technology that is changing the way we map, assess and even understand our seafloors, the ‘DiveRay’.

The DiveRay is an intelligent underwater camera, that automatically scans seafloor areas, as well as lake bottoms and river beds.

It makes use of hyperspectral imaging, and its software is based on machine-learning algorithms.

The DiveRay significantly reduces the time spent both below and above water (i.e., monitoring underwater and data analysis/interpretation on land).

Any experienced diver can use the DiveRay, it is not limited to experts-only.

The rich data obtained by the DiveRay is objective (i.e., independent of the person analyzing the seafloor data) and can easily be compared to future studies.