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25 January 2024 - Jann Raveling

8 Aerospace Companies from Bremen


Rocket and satellite manufacturers and system suppliers in the "City of Space"

Thanks to the innovative aerospace companies located in Bremen, this Northern German city has earned itself the title "City of Space". From satellite and rocket manufacturers to companies providing specialized applications, Bremen is home to a wealth of constructors and suppliers.

These companies have come together to form the AVIASPACE Bremen organisation, a network for those involved in the aviation and aerospace industries. The annual highlight is the Space Tech Expo Europe event in November at which anyone who is anyone in this sector will gather in Bremen.

Our list of selected aerospace companies in Bremen focuses on the space sector. However, the Industry Cluster includes many other companies which often operate in both the fields of aviation and of aerospace because these sectors have so much in common. You will find a complete list of these companies in our business directory.

8 Aerospace Companies from Bremen

Rocket on launch pad
Ariane 6 is in the starting blocks. On board one can find some of Bremen´s finest technology. © ArianeGroup

1. Airbus Defence and Space

This division of the Airbus Group in Bremen is home to the European centre of competence for manned space flight and space robotics. Currently, the European Service Module (ESM) is one of its most important projects. This module is part of NASA's Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, which will be used for manned space flight to the Moon. Airbus in Bremen also contributed to the International Space Station by building the Columbus module. Expertise from the hanseatic city will also be applied in the creation of "Starlab", another space station planned for the future.

2. ArianeGroup

When the Ariane rocket takes off from the South American Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana, it will also carry technology from Bremen on board. The upper stage, the "rocket's brain", was made in the hanseatic city as were the metal tanks that house the space propulsion systems. The collective efforts of around 600 experts and technicians from Bremen have gone into the creation of the new Ariane 6 rocket, whose maiden flight is scheduled for 2024.


This company is well-known in the industry as a manufacturer of satellites and rockets. With a workforce of more than 3,000 people at 15 sites, the company also works on innovative aerospace technologies such those that will use digital services to make space applications usable in other sectors. An especially important future project is its involvement in the German-Offshore Spaceport Alliance (GOSA), which plans to launch rockets into space from the North Sea.

4. DSI Aerospace GmbH

With meticulous attention to detail, the experts at DSI create IT systems for satellites, such as storage media for example. These systems include hard drives used to buffer the data collected by Earth observation satellites before it is sent back to Earth. These intricate devices must be able to withstand immense pressures and work reliably and faultlessly. This company is regarded as the sector's hidden champion.

A satellite
ESA's Copernicus mission - with technology from DSI Aerospace © ESA/ATG medialab

5. ZARM Technik AG

When a satellite is sent out into space, it must be positioned correctly before it can actually start working as planned. This is where the devices known as magnetic torquers come into action. These devices use the Earth's magnetic field to anchor the satellite in place. This ingenious concept has been perfected by ZARM Technik AG, making the company one of the world's leading providers of this technology.

6. Valispace GmbH

In recent years, the established companies in Bremen have been joined by a large number of extremely ambitious newcomers in this sector. One of these start-ups is Valispace GmbH, which aims to improve the efficiency of the software processes used in aerospace projects. Ensuring compliance with stringent requirements involving documentation and security, and the need to bring together input from a multitude of suppliers and partner institutions: that is the challenge this young team has taken on.

7. Drift Noise GmbH

Ships that have to navigate areas of sea ice in the Arctic need reliable up-to-date information about the composition of ice floes so they can find the best route. This is where Drift Noise GmbH can help. It uses the satellites that overfly the arctic regions every day, taking photographs. The company then uses AI to process these images before making them available to shipping companies, so that vessels can find the best path through the ever-changing ice fields in these waters.


Lars Kesseler and the team at Astrait have resolved to speed up the satellite development process. To achieve this aim, they intend to develop a standardised modular system that can be configured to suit specific mission requirements. Initially, Kesseler wants to test out the idea on micro satellites. His start-up is part of the ESA BIC (Business Incubation Centre) Northern Germany, an astronautics business incubation centre in Bremen which provides companies with access to resources and contacts.

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