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31 August 2018 - Jann Raveling

Video gallery: The ten most beautiful Urbanscreen projections

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Illuminations of the Bremen light artists

The Urbanscreen team with Majo Ussat (middle) and Til Bottterweck (above him)
The Urbanscreen team with Majo Ussat (middle) and Til Bottterweck (behind him) © Urbanscreen

The eight creative minds call themselves projection artists, "Projection Mapping" is their art. They fiddle around in the creative house "Alte Schnapsfabrik" in Bremen's Neustadt. But often Urbanscreen are showing their art all over the world, whether in the USA, Spain, Lebanon or Kurdish Iraq.

Managing Director Majo Ussat tells us exactly how Urbanscreen work and with what meticulous work a video projection is created: "I'd like to project a pixel onto the moon!"

We have selected the ten most beautiful projections of the recent years:

1. It starts in Sydney – one of the most famous works of the projection artists from Bremen:

2. In Oberhausen they illuminated a gasometer from the inside:

3. Coloured gold – Haus Schütting in Bremen:

4. In the USA, Rice University became the scene of a gigantic projection:

5. On behalf of the construction machinery group Caterpillar, Urbanscreen transformed a test site:

6. The media facade of the Klubhaus St. Pauli is also from Bremen:

7. Two television towers became the world's largest interactive high striker:

8. Urbanscreen art as part of an opera:

9. First prize at the Bucharest Mapping Festival 2015:

10. The interactive sculpture SOLANUM:

Find out what else creative people do in Bremen on our overview page "Cultural and creative industries".

Further information on the creative industry and the founding of creative companies can be obtained from Anke Jakobj, +49 421 361-32050, anke.jacobj@wah.bremen.de.

Creative / Media
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