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Airport-Stadt Bremen

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Airport-Stadt Bremen is an international transport hub and a centre of the aerospace industry and of research and teaching. It occupies a leading position in the German market. Spread over an area of 130 hectares – just ten minutes from Bremen's city centre – this future-focused business district maintains close links with the airport on its doorstep. Of a total of 16,000 employees, 6,000 work in the aerospace industry, including for the Airbus Group. The companies based here also benefit from the proximity to research activities. Networks that combine research and practice have grown up around the university of applied sciences, the start-up centre in Bremen's World Trade Centre and a variety of institutions.

Key data

  • Total land area (gross): 206 hectares
  • Around 16,000 employees in some 500 companies
  • The outlook is that capacity will be available

Commercial land and premises in Airport-Stadt Bremen

Airport-Stadt Bremen offers a range of vacant commercial land and premises owned by the local authority. Please contact us for more information.

You can also use our property search function to find out about the commercial premises on offer. And we can meet you in person, of course, to tell you about the properties that suit your needs and any alternatives you might want to consider.

Immobilienfinder Bremen: unser Suchservice
The Bremen property finder

Our Bremen property finder is a free service. We market all municipal commercial property and also have a portfolio of privately owned properties for sale or lease.

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Success Stories

16 June 2022
CAE is Training Pilots by the Weser

New in the airport city: CAE-GmbH trains pilots. "We have come to stay," says CAE Vice President European Strategy, Niels Kröning. And is thus continuing a long tradition.

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Success stories
18 March 2022
Arms and Legs Made to Measure

Prosthetic extremities a speciality: GehProTec, the company run by Peter Wehmeyer and Birgit Greubel, manufactures around 400 tailor-made prosthetic arms and legs per year. Patients from all over Europe come to Bremen to receive help.

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Success stories
5 February 2019
Flyline – two decades of success in Bremen

Bremen-based Flyline can look back on two decades of success and expansion. The British Airways (BA) subsidiary began as a call centre with a 30-strong workforce. Today, Flyline employs around 400 people at Bremen airport.

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