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Bremen in numbers

Facts and figures on the two-city state of Bremen

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... Bremen is one of Germany’s leading industrial hubs? That the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven together make up the federal state of Bremen? Travel for about an hour – and around 60 kilometres – through Lower Saxony and you end up back in Bremen.
We have put together a selection of other useful information and figures about Bremen and Bremerhaven, the local people and the business location for you.

Major companies in Bremen
Major companies in Bremen

From 'A' as in 'Airbus' to 'Z' as in 'Zech Group', Bremen has a number of large companies that export across the globe and are among the market leaders in their sectors. These are the major employers in Bremen.

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Glänzende Aussichten: Die Daimler AG investiert weiter in den Standort Bremen
Business hub Bremen – these are its strong sectors

The state of Bremen covers 420 square kilometres and is home to around 670,000 people. Almost 22,000 companies provide more than 325,000 jobs. Below, we introduce some of the strong sectors that make Bremen such an excellent business location.

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