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City centre and retail

Bremen – a city with a long history as a centre of commerce

In the Middle Ages, Bremen was a member of the Hanseatic trading league and remains a centre of commerce to this day. Its easy accessibility, its variety and its choice are key attractions for the city's 550,000-plus residents and for people living in the surrounding areas. A total of around one million people regularly go shopping in Bremen. Additional demand is being driven by tourism, which is evident from the steadily rising number of overnight stays. The city centre in particular is a magnet for visitors from Germany and abroad – it is steeped in charm and boasts attractions such as the Bremen Town Musicians from the Brothers Grimm Fairytale, and the town hall and Roland statue on the market square, which together form a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As you would expect for a city of Bremen's size, the shops are not just found in the centre. Other parts of the city, such as the Viertel, or 'quarter', offer numerous opportunities for strolling around and shopping. There are also shopping centres and retail parks of all sizes, meaning Bremen has everything you could want of a shopping destination.

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18 February 2021
5 Green Businesses in Bremen

Doing business in a sustainable, ecological way not only makes a positive contribution to the community and the environment but is also profitable. Five Bremen companies show us what they're doing.

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20 February 2020
The boss who moved to Bremen

The three young founders of Yurudesign have already caused quite a stir in the Turkish furniture market. Now they’ve got their sights set on Europe. To get the ball rolling, one of them has moved to Bremen – and we accompanied him during his first few days.

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13 November 2019
Tradition meets innovation

The state of Bremen covers 420 square kilometres and is home to around 670,000 people. Almost 22,000 companies provide more than 325,000 jobs. Below, we introduce some of the strong sectors that that make Bremen such an excellent business location.

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