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The start-up centre at World Trade Center Bremen

Give your new business the best possible start in one of Europe's leading service hubs

Close to Bremen Airport

The start-up centre at the World Trade Center Bremen, close to the Bremen Airport, opened in 2002. It offers new and established companies in the IT, communications and aerospace sectors an international setting in which to start their business activities in Bremen. A network of expertise for the development of innovative products has been established at the heart of a leading European services hub, right opposite the airport and in close proximity to City University of Applied Sciences, research institutes and market-leading companies.

Whether you're launching your company or realising innovative business ideas, the start-up centre at World Trade Center Bremen is there to help – with individual advice, and with funding programmes and finance solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Our services are aimed at young people – entrepreneurs, graduates and those with vocational qualifications – who have a great idea but don't yet have a fully formed business plan.


If you are firmly committed to starting your own business and have a viable concept, then the start-up centre at World TRade Center Bremen is exactly what you're looking for. We will be there for you.

Take a look at our business directory to see which companies are based at Bremen's technology and start-up centres.

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The Bremen start-up centre offers key locational benefits

In the start-up centre at World Trade Center Bremen you will be given expert support and assistance – perfect for making your new business a success. The site offers the following facilities, services and networking opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs:

  • A total of around 1,800 m² of office space for hire – most units are 30 m²
  • Centrally located at Bremen Airport in close proximity to research institutes and innovative companies
  • Close links with the City University of Applied Sciences, which is located right next to the site
  • Synergy effects through collaborations with the major aerospace companies located in the area
  • Bremen Airport operates direct flights to many European cities
  • Low-cost, well-equipped workplaces in the seed rooms

Sow the seeds of your start-up in the fertile soil of Bremen

You are welcome at the Bremen start-up centre long before your company is actually ready to launch. For a period of one year, seed rooms provide people starting new businesses with low-cost, well-equipped workplaces and access to a range of mentoring and office services.

Bremeninvest also provides innovative entrepreneurs with access to various networks. This means that right from the start, they can engage in networking activities that are tailored specifically to their industry. And throughout the initial phase, the centre management team will be on hand to provide individual advice and assistance, support you as you start up your business, and share their expertise and experience. This will help you to avoid beginners' management mistakes and focus on making your business a success.

Preparation is key, so let us help you in every way we can.

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