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Bremen city centre

An economic hub in north-west Germany

The city centre is the beating heart of Bremen – the place that shapes its identity. It is the city's most important location for business and the focal point of Bremen's retail sector.

The development that is currently under way in and around the historical centre is very fast-moving and unparalleled within Europe. The prime locations around the city's World Heritage sites, which attract a great many visitors, are of much interest to project developers and investors, attesting to the major appeal of Bremen city centre. Numerous new buildings have sprung up in central locations, and some large-scale projects are currently in the planning phase.

Key data

  • Centre of the north-west metropolitan region
  • Within easy reach for 1.5 million people
  • Around 80,000 jobs and 6,000 businesses in the wider city centre
  • High rental stability in prime locations

Boom time in Bremen's city centre

Bremen to be new (German website)

Some examples of development projects completed in the city centre:

  • Extension of the Atlantik Grand Hotel
  • City Gate at Bremen railway station
  • August-Kühne-Haus, headquarters at the Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke bridge

    Projects planned over the next few years:

    • Jacobs-Hof / Balgequartier: five-storey new building in 1a location + redesign of further historic buildings
    • Weser Höfe: a sustainable combination of residential project and office location on 14,000 m² of land
    • Lloydhof: refurbishment of around 16,000 m² of usable floor space, an urban mix of residential, office, retail and gastronomy space
    • Wallkontor: modern commercial building with a total of 5,500 m² of commercial space for retail and offices


    • Attractive and growing retail location
    • Modern office space and other service buildings
    • Within easy reach of internationally connected Bremen City Airport
    • Wide range of restaurants and cafés right on the Weser river
    • Historical city centre
    • Growing market for city break tourism
    • UNESCO World Cultural Heritage town hall and Roland statue

    How the city is used

    • Seat of government and regional administration
    • Retail businesses
    • Service providers
    • Hotels, cafés and restaurants
    • Entertainment
    • Leisure
    • Riverside city

    Transport links

    • Main train station in city centre
    • 10 minutes to Bremen Airport
    • Direct connection to the Autobahn road network (A27, A1 and A281)

      Immobilienfinder Bremen: unser Suchservice
      The Bremen property finder

      Our Bremen property finder is a free service. We market all municipal commercial property and also have a portfolio of privately owned properties for sale or lease.

      22 November 2018
      Tradition meets innovation

      The state of Bremen covers 420 square kilometres and is home to around 670,000 people. Almost 22,000 companies provide more than 325,000 jobs. Below, we introduce some of the strong sectors that that make Bremen such an excellent business location.

      Investing in Bremen
      4 September 2018
      A billion euros for Bremen’s city centre

      Our city centre is evolving. Bremen is creating affordable and desirable residential areas, offices and retail space. The city is set to get a more modern look thanks to projects near the main train station, in new districts and right by the river.

      26 April 2018
      Organic underwear made in Bremen: Canadian sisters launch their own pop-up store

      Tizz & Tonic: Two sisters from Canada are producing and selling sustainable and organic underwear in the centre of Bremen. But what was it that attracted them to Bremen? We caught up with the two well-travelled fashion designers to find out.