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Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate

Well connected in every respect

At Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate, it's all about speed: located on the A1 autobahn close to the Bremer Kreuz intersection, this high-tech location is perfect for automotive suppliers in particular. It is ideally suited for just-in-sequence deliveries to the assembly lines at Mercedes-Benz Bremen, for example.

The optimum transport links also benefit a number of other industries – a total of 80 companies employing around 3,600 people are based here. The area is popular and is constantly expanding. Planning for the next construction phase began at the end of 2017. The dynamic area is preparing for the future.

Gewerbepark Hansalinie 2017

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Key data:

  • Total land area (gross): 270 hectares
  • 155 hectares already developed
  • Plans for the next stage of construction began in 2017
  • Land area available
  • Around 80 companies employing some 3,600 people
  • Key industry: automotive

    Commercial land and premises

    Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate offers a range of vacant commercial land and premises owned by the local authority. Please contact us for more information.

    You can also use our property search function to find out about the commercial premises on offer. And we can meet you in person, of course, to tell you about the properties that suit your needs and any alternatives you might want to consider.

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    The Bremen property finder

    Our Bremen property finder is a free service. We market all municipal commercial property and also have a portfolio of privately owned properties for sale or lease.

    Investing in Bremen
    16 October 2018
    The Bremen property market is booming

    Bremen is expanding. Several construction projects will reshape the city centre. The 2018 Bremen property market report – an overview of office, logistics and retail properties, and of investment market trends – confirms that the city is an attractive location for investors and developers.

    Investing in Bremen
    28 June 2018
    Business parks in Bremen – space for individual requirements

    Bremen has the right location to suit any company, from the logistics sector at the Cargo Distribution Center (GVZ) to research institutes at the Technology Park and international companies at Bremen Airport-Stadt. Or perhaps you are looking for more of a mix of sectors to stimulate creativity? We can show you the right business park to suit your needs.

    Investing in Bremen
    24 May 2018
    From greenfield site to Hansalinie Industrial Estate: the flagship project continues to grow

    The Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate is ideally situated for businesses in the automotive industry, located in the immediate vicinity of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen just off the A1 autobahn. But it also offers a number of benefits for service providers, trading companies and the skilled trades. If you want to set up business here, you need to act quickly.

    Automotive Industries
    15 May 2018
    How Mercedes-Benz in Bremen manages C-Class production around the world

    Mercedes-Benz in Bremen is the lead plant that manages C-Class production around the world. In addition to detailed planning and tight logistics, this also requires a good intuitive understanding of the market. Whether it is in China, South Africa or the USA, the sites around the world have to produce vehicles of consistently high quality. Find out here how the plant manages this.

    Automotive Industries
    6 March 2018
    A race against the clock

    The production line hardly ever stops at the second-largest Mercedes Benz plant in the world. Thousands of components have to be delivered to the right place at the right time – there is no room for errors or delays. LOREL Logistik GmbH undertakes a huge logistics operation every day to ensure that everything runs like clockwork.

    Investing in Bremen
    16 May 2017
    Innovative Logistics at the Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate

    The Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate is a successful business park that is currently undergoing expansion. Several major logistics companies have based themselves here, developing increasingly sophisticated processes that aim to optimise just-in-sequence production for the automotive industry.

    Automotive Industries
    27 April 2017
    Ten Bremen-based automotive suppliers

    A car plant seldom comes alone. Many suppliers have based themselves in close proximity to the automotive giant Mercedes Benz in Bremen. They ensure that the assembly line never stops. We demonstrates the wide range of companies and technologies that make up Bremen's automotive supply chain


    Unternehmensverzeichnis Hansalinie

    Adient Ltd. & Co. KG
    Bergener Str. 2
    28309 Bremen
    P 0421-184698-00
    Adolf Würth GmbH & Co KG Niederlassung Bremen
    Europaallee 20
    28309 Bremen
    Rolf Mahlstede

    Air Solution GmbH
    Walther-Jacobs-Str. 7
    28309 Bremen
    Elke Eggers
    P 0421/4585532

    ARAL Autohof Bremen
    Europaallee 1-3
    28309 Bremen
    Dennis Stanisavljevic
    P 0421/4581380
    F 0421/4581384

    Autoteilevertrieb Heise und Klatte GmbH
    Europaallee 16
    28309 Bremen
    P 0421/41758-0
    F 0421/41758-49
    Bormann & Partner
    Lukas-Welser-Str. 1
    28309 Bremen
    P 0421/4341773
    F 0421/4919234

    Brucherseifer Transport + Logistik GmbH
    Fridrich-List-Str. 11/
    28309 Bremen
    Bernd Janssen
    P 02742/966156
    Coler GmbH & Co. KG
    Walter-Jacobs-Str. 3
    28309 Bremen
    P 0421 - 48 91-230
    F 0421 - 48 91-275
    Deutsche Post AG, Niederlassung BRIEF Bremen
    Ludwig-von-Kapff-Str. 1
    28309 Bremen
    Wolfgang Farwick
    P 0421/53753000
    F 0421/53753009

    Elektro Haas Hamburg GmbH
    28309 Bremen
    Frank Bielefeld
    P 0421/417910
    F 0421/4170844

    EURO HANSA GmbH & Co. KG
    Europaallee 1-3
    28309 Bremen
    P 0421-202999
    F 0421-2029955
    Friedrich Benien GmbH & Co. KG
    Europaallee 101
    28309 Bremen
    Jörg Müller
    P 0421/417900
    F 0421/4179099