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Your partner – Bremen Bank for Economic Expansions

Since 2001, investors wishing to establish, locate or develop a company in Bremen have had a new contact: the Bremen Bank for Economic Expansion (Bremen Bank for Economic Expansions). It is the bank specially created by the state of Bremen to support regional and business development, and finances all kinds of business activities in close, partnership with local banks and savings banks without distorting competition and providing that such activities are in the interest of the state of Bremen.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, especially, can benefit from the support measures of the Bremen Bank for Economic Expansion. Especially in critical phases such as start-up, growth and restructuring, as well as during consolidation and reorganisation, the Bremen Bank for Economic Expansion provides additional support to that of normal banks, in the form of loans, equity or guarantees. It is also the financing partner for companies owned by the state of Bremen. Furthermore, the Bremen Bank for Economic Expansion is the exclusive point of contact for housing subsidies in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

The Bremen Bank for Economic Expansion conducts its financial assistance programmes on behalf of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, which bears liability for financial commitments entered into by the bank – in accordance with the ‘Brussels Understanding II’ of 2002, according to which only regional development banks with precisely defined responsibilities are allowed to enjoy government guarantees. Support for regional and business development benefits from the refinancing advantage that the bank enjoys as a result of government guarantees. The income generated by the Bremen Bank for Economic Expansion is tax-exempt and likewise benefits support programmes in undiminished form.

Partner in all phases of business growth.