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30.11.2016 - Corinna Laubach

Chinese LED business finds success in Bremen

Investing in Bremen
Why Bremen is the ideal location for entrepreneur David Zhou to expand his European business

David Zhou has successfully made the move from China to Bremen with Barite International © WFB / Frank Pusch © WFB / Frank Pusch

David Zhou came to Bremen three years ago with the aim of conquering the market – and a new continent – with LEDs. He started his business selling LED lighting and electronics at the World Trade Centre at Bremen Airport and has gradually built it up over the past few years. The company, which has its own production facility in China, moved into new premises this year near Bremen central station, and now has a showroom where customers can see and touch the products before purchasing them. Always on hand to help businesses: Bremeninvest's relocation service helps companies to get a foothold in Germany and serves as a point of contact for all aspects of setting up business operations in Bremen.

A visit to a trade fair can turn your life completely upside down, as Wei Zhou knows all too well. The 37-year-old businessman, who goes by the first name of David in Germany, founded his company eleven years ago in southern China. On a visit to a trade fair in Shanghai, he found out about Bremeninvest and the possibility of expanding his business thousands of miles away in Germany. He liked the fact that Bremen was a compact city with a conveniently located airport, excellent infrastructure and a large Chinese community. On top of that, Bremeninvest's direct approach and offer of support convinced him there and then of Bremen's merits as a business location. Zhou had long toyed with the idea of moving to Europe. Having visited the trade fair, he set the ball rolling, made concrete plans and took the opportunity to expand his business.

David's wife and business partner, Lica Zhou © WFB / Frank Pusch © WFB / Frank Pusch

On reflection it was a good decision, say David and his wife Xiumei 'Lica' Zhou. Both work at the company, and the family are settled in their adopted homeland, with their daughter having just started at the grammar school. Even the German bureaucracy and the language are no longer insurmountable hurdles. And in no time at all, the Zhous found a great place to eat that reminds them of home.

"You need staying power to do business in Germany."

– David Zhou, Managing Director of Barite International GmbH

The benefit of LEDs

With hard work and perseverance, the Zhous built up Barite International GmbH in Germany. The company currently has a range of around 250 LED products. "The market is very stable and we rely on long-term partnerships," say Lica and David Zhou. "That said, you need staying power to do business in Germany." This surprised the Chinese couple to begin with. Back home, business works differently; partnerships are established much more quickly. "In Germany business partners, and preferably sample products as well, are tested first and then a deal is made." The company's range of products, but also the shift towards LED lighting and greater energy efficiency, has worked in their favour. LEDs promise to deliver a service life of at least 30,000 hours, whereas halogen lights last only half as long. More and more businesses are making the switch to LEDs.

the various LED products can be tested in the Barite International showroom © WFB / Frank Pusch © WFB / Frank Pusch

Winning customers over with quality

Entrepreneur David Zhou has lamps, lights, spotlights and the associated equipment manufactured in China and also develops his own design ideas. Custom-made products and exclusive agreements are also part of the company's portfolio. Now a team of four, Barite International serves wholesalers, electricians and end customers from its base in Bremen. The company is currently focusing on Germany, and advertises at electronics and electrical trade fairs. "Unfortunately people still have reservations about Chinese products. Our showroom allows us to demonstrate to customers that our products are anything but cheaply made and yet are still competitively priced," he explains. His sales manager, Sebastian Volkmer, who joined the company in the early days of its development, adds: "Having our own production facility means that we can work in a cost-effective way but offer high quality."

Investing in Bremen
World Trade Center Bremen: everything under one roof

Geographical distance and cultural differences make it hard to relocate or start up a company in another country. Luckily, help is at hand from the team at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Bremen. They'll do all they can to make your international business a success.

"Bremen has everything that a hub for the space industry needs"

In December 2016 ministers from the European Space Agency (ESA) member states met to determine the roadmap for the European space sector for the years ahead. Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Bremen submitted joint recommendations. In the following interview Dr Peter Vits, Bremen's State Coordinator for the Space Sector, talks about Bremen's strengths and opportunities.

Take-off for Bremen: what makes the city a hub for aerospace expertise

The sky is not the limit, at least not in Bremen. All parts of the aerospace sector are represented in the city, from R&D to production. Aeroplane wings, Ariane rockets and Galileo satellites – Bremen is one of the leading locations in the international aerospace industry. Here are five factors behind Bremen’s story of success.

“50 per cent of the exhibition space has already been reserved”

In 2015 Bremen won the right to host the International Astronautical Congress for the second time, after having successfully held the event in 2003. Its bid was the result of a collaboration between the Bremen regional government and Bremen’s space industry and space research sector. Event partners include the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the German Aerospace Centre.

Automotive Industries
E-mobility: why electric vehicles are on the up in Bremen

The Bremen region has long been a pioneer in electric mobility and is now set to enjoy further success after Mercedes-Benz and Borgward announced that they will be making electric vehicles in the city.

Automotive Industries
Five reasons why Bremen is a leading automotive hub

Bremen knows how to make cars: the Mercedes-Benz plant by the Weser river has been in operation for almost 40 years, is the focal point of the city’s automotive industry and automotive clusters, and is now the company’s biggest global facility in terms of vehicle production numbers. Reason enough for an ever-growing number of suppliers and logistics firms to base themselves in Bremen.

Investing in Bremen
Sigma Textil GmbH: how Muhammad-Farhan Aslam turned his father's business around

Sometimes you have to learn from other people's mistakes and trust your instincts. That is what Muhammad-Farhan Aslam believed when he took over his father's business. Not only did he change the business model, but he also shelved his own plans to move to England. Instead he stayed in Bremen. And it turned out to be one of many good decisions that he made.

Maritime economy and logistics
The Cargo Distribution Centre (GVZ) in Bremen: a logistics hub with a bright future

For 30 years, the Cargo Distribution Centre in Bremen has delivered excellence – as an investment location and a logistics hub. Today more than 150 companies employing approximately 8,000 people are based at the site. It offers direct links to the ports, the autobahn and has a close proximity to Bremen City Airport.

Investing in Bremen
Bremeninvest guidelines for foreign nationals setting up businesses in Bremen

Language barriers, unfamiliar legal and fiscal systems, qualifications that need to be recognised. There are many additional hurdles that entrepreneurs have to overcome when setting up a new branch or a new company in a different country. Bremeninvest is committed to offering you advice and support from the outset.

Investing in Bremen
Innovative spinal surgery company NuVasive finds success in Bremen

You might expect a Bremen-based company specialising in innovative instruments and implants for spinal surgery to be located at the Technology Park. But you'd be wrong. NuVasive Germany GmbH has its head office at the heart of the city centre next to Wallanlagen Park. Now employing a team of 44 people, the company generates annual revenue of more than €10 million – a figure that looks set to rise.

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