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Industry 4.0 in Bremen

The digitisation of industrial processes

The digitisation of industrial processes – otherwise known as Industry 4.0 – is progressing at a rapid pace. It is a hugely important area both for businesses and for the German government and regions. Plattform i40 is a website launched by the federal government that brings together stakeholders in the digital revolution and drives forward the issue at national level.
Bremen, as one of the ten largest industrial hubs in Germany, is in an excellent position to capitalise on this trend. Industry 4.0 is being driven forward here by a combination of innovative industrial companies, a strong IT sector, scientific institutes carrying out fundamental research, and projects geared to real-life applications.

It is a factor that will determine companies' future competitiveness. Business functions, from production and logistics to sales, are generating increasing amounts of data. This is paving the way for more flexible and customisable manufacturing methods and for optimised processes that enable more to be produced in a shorter time.

In today's world, almost any business needs to acquire expertise in digitisation in order to stay competitive. To do this, it needs to engage with the protagonists of the digital industrial revolution. The resulting alliances and networks will allow technologies and innovations to be put into practice and become factors in the success of Bremen's economy.

Bremeninvest drives forward Industry 4.0

Making Bremen-based companies more competitive and bringing the key players of the digital revolution into contact with each other is one of the main priorities for Bremeninvest. In the context of Industry 4.0 it:

  • advises companies on topics such as process optimisation, IT security, the creation of digital infrastructures and organisational changes
  • organises innovation workshops and roadshows
  • brokers funding for R&D projects involving digitisation
  • brings together key players from business, research and associations

Contact us now – we will gladly provide you with advice and assistance and put you in touch with the people driving the digital revolution.