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swb CREA GmbH

swb CREA is the cluster of activities of the swb Group in the area of renewable energies. It is the centre of competence of the swb Group for renewable energy generation on the basis of wind, biomass, hydroelectric power and solar energy. Primarily, swb CREA plans, develops, constructs and operates wind energy converters in the onshore segment as well as biogas and biogas processing plants on the basis of renewable energies.

At 8 locations, swb CREA operates wind energy converters with a total installed power output of 82 MW. By the end of 2017, two additional wind farms with a total power output of 15.5 MW will go into operation.

Over the coming years, swb CREA plans to double the installed power output.

The service portfolio of swb CREA includes:

  • Project development (safeguarding of areas, planning and implementation of approval procedures and project planning services)
  • Building and funding of wind farms
  • Commercial management
  • Technical management
  • Manufacturing of power supply connectors
  • Remote supervision
  • Planning and construction of  power supply systems
  • Transformer stations
  • Feed management
  • Marketing and sale of the generated wind power

Facts and Figures:

  • Year of establishment: 2003
  • Registered office: Bremerhaven and Bremen / Germany
  • Overall number of employees: approx. 18