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W. Ludolph GmbH & Co. KG

W. Ludolph GmbH & Co. KG Bremerhaven (Germany) was founded by W. Ludolph in 1846 and has stood for innovation, performance and quality in nautical and aviation products ever since. Our company has a long history and rich tradition characterised by constant innovation and expansion.

Our modern, innovative and ambitious team of 100 employees is always ready to go the extra mile for our clients and to respond to questions, queries or problems. We go above and beyond “normal” service. In addition tostandardised products, it also goes without saying that we can guarantee the development of customer-specific solutions. Our team will always attempt to find the optimal concept for you. Together with our customers in the scientific and industrial sectors, we develop and manufacture new devices, equipment and machinery. 

Facts and figures:

  • Founding year of the company: 1846
  • Number of employees: 100
  • Approvals and certification for aviation and shipping:
    – Premium AEROTEC GmbH: QSF-A
    – L BA: Part 21G, Part 145 (EASA)
    – B SH: Manufacture and repair of ship satellite navigation devices (module D)
    – B WB: Manufacture and repair of mechanical and electronic instruments