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Strako Strahlarbeiten und Korrosionsschutz GmbH

Don't give rust a chance!

Strako Strahlarbeiten und Korrosionsschutz GmbH, based in Grönlandstraße 3 in the Fischereihafen in Bremerhaven, specialises in jet blasting and preserving piping and other large steel sections. An example of the company's capacity is illustrated by the project to provide complete corrosion protection for the sheet pile wall for the Jade-Weser-Port in Wilhelmshaven, a task that was completed in Bremerhaven.

The company can accommodate the widest variety of requirements such as those in the metalworking and foodstuffs industries.

Last year, a new warehouse was built at the company premises where stainless steel and aluminium can be jet blasted using glass and porcelain pearls.

“We have put 5 of our employees through a long training process to provide the skills required to work in offshore environments,“ says Managing Director Holger Bartels. “The training included an extra 3-day seminar in the Netherlands, but now we are in the best possible position to handle all corrosion protection requirements.“ Together with jet blasting and cleaning surfaces, it goes without saying that the company also offers subsequent surface coating to ensure that the rust doesn't re-appear.

“We continue to be proud of being able to make a contribution to the preservation and long lifespan of constructions in Bremerhaven. Now, after having almost completed work on the Kaiserschleuse sluice, we have been assigned with the task of protecting the city’s flood defences against corrosion. We also have three highly-trained FROSIO III inspectors available for monitoring work.”

Further information about Strako GmbH is available on the brand new website at http://www.strako-bhv.de/

Facts and figures:

  • Founded in Bremerhaven in 1997. Based at new premises in the Fischereihafen since 2007.
  • 28 employees in 5 workshops with the capacity to work on steel sections and pipes up to 2 metres in diameter, 50 metres in length, and weighing up to 50 tonnes.
  • Goods delivery via road, rail, or ship
  • Certified for offshore corrosion protection.