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Döscher Industrieservice GmbH & Co Schiffszubehör Handels KG

The company Döscher Industrieservice has been found on 1st October in 1996 and in line with the “offshore boom” 4 years ago, the company CM Offshore GmbH came into existence on 1st October in 2012.
CM Offshore mostly consists of approx. 70 employees of Döscher Industrieservice and approx. 20 employees of its own.

Both companies have their headquarters in Bremerhaven, they are certified to EN 1090 and 9001 and were also tested successfully with the method processes 111, 121, 131, 135, 136, 138 und 141. Our companies have highly qualified, experienced and audited staff (shipbuilder, welders and locksmiths) which are certified to EN 287 material 1 – 11 [22, 23].

Main focus of Döscher Industrieservice is operation in ship repair and, as the case may be, shipbuilding. However, we are, based on our experience, able working even on other steel construction projects, and assuming the whole project planning.