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TZI (Technology Centre for Computer Sciences and Information Technology)

The TZI (Technology Centre for Computer Sciences and Information Technology) at the University of Bremen develops technologies for a variety of applications in work situations and everyday life. In addition to basic research, the departments create software for therapeutic, educational and industrial uses as well as for mobile communication.

Because teaching plays an important role at TZI, the research institution provides equally valuable services as a supplier of IT specialists for regional employers. Many students already work with companies while writing their final theses, which helps to strengthen technology transfer significantly.

The TZI also cooperates with companies from the Bremen area in a variety of research projects. Many small and medium enterprises use this opportunity to work on important problems while benefitting from government or EU funding.

Facts and Figures:

  • Founded: 1995

  • Based in Bremen

  • Number of scientist: more than 150

  • Three main research focuses:

    Adaptive communication

    Cognitive Enabled Assistance

    Human-Centered Information Systems

  • Objective: Bridging the gap between basic research and technology transfer in order to develop technologies that support humans at work and in their daily lives.