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University of Bremen, Electronic Automotive and Mobility Systems

University of Bremen - Research area "Electronic Automotive and Mobility Systems"

The topics of this research area concentrate on embedded and mechatronic systems and components within vehicles. The main goal is to manage the increasing complexity of electronic components and systems within passenger and commercial vehicles by using suitable architectures and methods. The functional and software development of embedded systems is of growing importance as nowadays they not only ensure the proper functioning of the systems but significantly guarantee their safety.

As partner in research and development we have been participating in numerous publicly funded joint research projects. In addition, we have supported our partners in various bilateral industry projects dealing with application oriented problems and solutions.

Facts and Figures:

  • University of Bremen, Institute of Electrodynamics and Microelectronics (ITEM) – research area „Electronic Automotive and Mobility Systems“ led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl-Ludwig Krieger

  • Research and development services with an emphasis on electronic and mechatronic real time systems for automotive applications

  • Partner for consulting services and feasibility studies