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The network-based data acquisition and processing system MEDUSA for maritime applications is the core product of OPTIMARE. MEDUSA stands for highly robust centralised sensor integration and communication for airborne, shipborne, and submerged platforms. Satellite communication and data fusion techniques allow us to create high-level observation systems from distributed sensors.

Airborne Systems

OPTIMARE supplies MEDUSA and related sensors as an integrated airborne maritime surveillance system. OPTIMARE is also a leading provider of specialised sensors for oil spills and pollution.

Marine Observing Systems

OPTIMARE provides systems for seaborne coastal and marine observation, such as the well-known NEMO-Float, a profiling autonomous sensor platform providing longterm in-situ data throughout the water column via dedicated sensors and a datalink.

Facts and figures

The OPTIMARE group was founded in 1992. OPTIMARE covers a wide variety of expertise in system integration, optics, electronics, mechanics, and software development. The OPTIMARE head office is located in Bremerhaven. OPTIMARE currently has 55 employees.