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Fugro OSAE GmbH

Fugro OSAE GmbH (FOSAE) developed an imposing international reputation, due to innovation and the vast experience of its personnel comprising FIG/IHO Cat A surveyors, geologists, geophysicists. As a part of the Fugro Group, which has over 350 offices in more than 50 countries, FOSAE has a direct link to the specialist services of other Fugro companies worldwide.

FOSAE mainly uses its own vessels, which are permanently equipped with the latest equipment, to survey inshore, coastal, and offshore waters. FOSAE has recently developed the ROC.si (remote operated crawler) for site, cable, and pipeline inspections.

FOSAE’s services include hydrographic and bathymetric, geophysical and geotechnical, cable/pipeline route and inspection surveys, wind-farm site and infrastructure investigations, UNCLOS/EEZ evaluations, electronic nautical chart (ENC) production, environmental mapping, and desktop studies. 

Facts and figures:

  • Founded 1983 in Bremen, the company now has 65 employees
  • Four permanently mobilised vessels are ready for survey services around the world.
  • Part of the standard equipment are latest generation mulitibeam echosounders, side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers
  • Geotechnical equipment, UW vehicle ROC.si, as well as gear for environmental and benthic investigations can be mobilised.
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