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Hafenstauerei Kpt. Wilhelm Schultze GmbH & Co. KG

The range of activities of Hafenstauerei Kpt. Wilhelm Schultze GmbH & Co. KG covers all the areas of goods loading and unloading – loading, lashing, and securing loads for sea transport. We have been working for renowned shipping companies for more than 55 years, and currently handle around three million tonnes of general cargo and steel products per year as well as approximately two million tonnes of bulk goods. Our company premises is equipped with the latest loading equipment meeting all the requirements of efficient and professional loading/unloading. Thanks to our membership of the Gesamthafenbetriebsverein association, we are able to increase our port workforce up to 150 people and more if necessary. Together with the ports in Bremen, we also work in Brake, Elsfleth, Wilhelmshaven, Cuxhaven, and all other Weser ports as well as the Elbe ports of Brunsbüttel, Stade and Hamburg. Through the joint venture of Schultze Stevedoring with BLG and the fantastic partnership with other privately-owned facilities in Bremen, we are able to load and unload containers, railway carriages, and HGVs in our own warehouse. Our modern handling equipment enables us to handle all types of sea freight and to cope with all modern lashing techniques. If our services have aroused your interest, we look forward to being able to make you an attractive offer. Please contact us at any time should you require any further information.

Facts and figures

  • Founded in Bremen in 1955
  • Employees: 105