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Friedrich Ellmers Shipping and Forwarding GmbH

We manage a total of 70.000 m² of warehouse and open-air space in Bremen in the wood and industrial port sector. Our main focuses are the storage and handling of cotton, tobacco, paper, pulp and chemical products, but also in the sea freight business ( RoRo, break bulk and container). Thanks to large-scale handling areas, a rail transport connection, and modern equipment including handling machinery, we stuff and strip containers, and load and unload from HGVs and railway carriages.

Through our partnerships, we are in a position to organize and carry out FCL and LCL shipping, bulk loads and Europe-wide HGV transport. We are a certified recipient and shipping company, and can process all the necessary customs formalities. Alongside standard shipping service, our goods-specific control and inspection services such as marking controls, weighing, sampling, quality description, repair of damaged packaging, neutralization and repackaging work should also be emphasized. 

Facts and figures:

We have been active as a group since 1856. Back then, we started out transporting an carrying out load controls for wool, cotton, spices and crops. Over the years, our work has been constantly adapted to development. Bremen is our home, the world is our workplace.

  • Company headquarters: Bremen 
  • Branch office: Wien 
  • 80 employees