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dbh Logistics IT AG

We Digitise the Supply Chains of this World
With our software, we reliably break down the global flow‘s barriers of supply chains with regard to the future. Thereby, the efficiency of all commodity flows is focused in order that they arrive at the recipient as fast, secure, and economical as possible.
The most significant obstacles are customs and compliance regulations, laws, and tax receivables. Only if all formalities are clarified, the goods reach their destination. Every loss of time causes additional costs. At these essential levels of an efficient supply chain, our solutions come into operation and global commodity flows become more reliable, economical, and safer. The competencies and experiences of more than 40 years are the core of our products. Every solution represents the globalisation‘s development with its increasing and accelerating movement of goods.

Facts and Figures:
We have been exploring the potential of digitised supply chains since 1973. With our 180 employees, we develop solutions that make companies more competitive. Our portfolio ranges from consultation, conception and implementation to support and hosting in our own ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centres. In addition to the headquarters in Bremen, we operate further sites all over Germany.