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Battermann & Tillery GmbH

Since 1913, Battermann & Tillery GmbH has been providing expert services as a highly professional survey company for global insurance markets and the transport industry. The long-standing tradition of this family business is mirrored in their Hanseatic self-identification, being headquartered in Bremen, and their service-oriented approach. The company’s core operations lie in documenting and evaluating transport related cargo damage as well as in loss prevention. In its fourth generation, the family business continues to develop and boasts a record of steady growth over the past decades. With 21 branches in Germany and 3 subsidiaries abroad in Europe (Austria, Romania and Turkey) as well as an international network of surveyors, the Battermann & Tillery Group is one of the largest surveying companies in Europe.

Facts and figures:

  • Founded in 1913
  • Headquartered in Bremen
  • 24 branches (3 subsidiaries abroad in Europe: Austria, Romania and Turkey)
  • In total, 130 employees, 60 of which are based in Bremen