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IWT – Stiftung Institut für Werkstofftechnik Bremen

The IWT develops technologies that will be used in future metalworking.
The comprehensive know-how and the broad range of technical equipment are put forward with the aim of solving particular problems in material improvement, material treatment and metalworking. The IWT is the only research centre in Germany that has united the three disciplines materials science, process engineering and manufacturing technologies as equal-ranking divisions working together under one roof. 
Key aspects with regard to the wind energy industry are: heat treatment and coating of transmission components, hybrid material combinations (CRP-metal), evaluation of concrete foundations and microscopic material analysis of concrete foundations as well as metals corrosions caused by microorganisms.

Facts and figures:

  • Founding Year: 1950 (former Institut für Härtereitechnik – IHT, since 1986 IWT)
  • Legal Form: Foundation of private right/Research Institute
  • Personnel: Approx. 160 Employees
  • Head Office: Bremen, Campus of the University Bremen
  • Main Business Areas: Automotive, Aviation, Heat Treatment Technology, Wind Power