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OHB AG is an European space group with a 30-year history. Two business units offer international customers sophisticated solutions and systems. Within the “Space Systems” division the focus is on the development and manufacturing of low earth orbit and geostationary orbit satellites for navigation, communication, earth observation purposes and scientific payloads. Exploring our solar system and high-performance reconnaissance satellites make up our core technologies for security and reconnaissance purposes. The “Aerospace + Industrial Products” corporate division places emphasis on the manufacturing of aerospace products. In this regard, OHB has positioned itself as a significant equipment provider for aerospace structures for aviation and space flight, and is Germany’s largest supplier to the Ariane 5 programme and an established manufacturer of sensitive components for aircraft engines.

Facts and figures:

  • Founded in 1981
  • Present in Bremen since 1981
  • Headquarters: Bremen
  • Employees: Bremen 450, total 2,300
  • Subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Sweden, France, England