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FLYLINE Tele Sales & Services

Skills are acquired by doing things and, in turn, acquiring skills means that you can do more. This has been our philosophy from the start. As a pioneer who is always one step ahead, we have experienced healthy growth at our customer contact centre, in our role as a full service provider, and in terms of our employee numbers. Ultimately, they are the ones who speak, present and sell in your name and therefore they are the biggest asset you could invest in with us to ensure your success. The pioneering spirit of FLYLINE is also apparent in the constantly growing range of industries and sectors serviced by our customer contact centre. Our solid foundations are able to support growth across different channels. Airlines, reservation system operators, airports and companies from a wide range of industries trust FLYLINE to deliver excellence and flexibility. From direct customer contact through to back office processes – our expertise is unrivalled.

Facts and Figures

  • Founded in 1995
  • Based in Bremen
  • Employees: around 400
  • FLYLINE operates globally out of Bremen and approx. 14 % of its staff work remotely in a home office environment