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fibretech composites GmbH

fibretech composites GmbH deals in high-end range with the design, analysis and manufacture of composite parts.

The goal is to find customized solutions for specific applications through the optimization of geometry and design.

With the fibretemp technology, a self-heating moldsystem, fibretech composites uses high strength fibres not only for structuring, but equally for the heating of the components. The fibretemp system uses the conductivity of carbon fibers for the heating of plastic molds and components. The CFRP laminate is a load-bearing layer and resistance heater in one.

In addition to fibretemp technology, fibretech composites GmbH provides composites design and analysis of components and prototyping, comprising the full range of engineering in composite technologies.

Partners from the aviation and aerospace field include:

  • Airbus Industries
  • Premium aerotec
  • Eurocopter
  • Auto Flight
  • Spirit Aero Systems Inc.

Facts and figures:

  • Founded in Bremen in 2005
  • Headquarters: Bremen
  • Number of Employees: 8
  • In-house workshop and measurement laboratory