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ExxpertSystems GmbH

Established in 1997, ExxpertSystems GmbH – Systems Engineering & Development – is a supplier of innovative and individual software solutions and provider of engineering support for electrical, hydraulic and mechatronic systems.

ExxpertSystems is a project-oriented service company focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of hardware and software products in the technical areas of diagnostics, simulation, data representation, data analysis and data evaluation.

Another key element is development support for component development, standardization, error analysis and implementation of validation tests as well as in- service support in the area of hydraulic, electronic and electrical systems.

Product Overview:

Individual development of:

  • Functional simulations
  • Database applications
  • Real-time systems
  • User interfaces
  • Virtual reality models
  • Support of design, development, and operations in the areas aircraft high lift systems and maintenance of test facilities.

R&D Areas:

  • ExxpertSystems has developed a data network to integrate spatially separated subsystem or component test facilities into a systems test bed. The network will cover the exchange of signals between the involved test facilities as well as a joint integrated control and monitoring capability for the test bed.

Application Areas:


  • Systems engineering
  • Customer specific developments
  • Support of development and tests
  • Operations support


  • Ground and flight test engineering
  • Support of verification and validation
  • Operations support (in-service support)
  • Standardization of components

Other Areas:

  • Rail bed and rail analysis
  • Vibrations analyses for rail systems