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PSA Zentrale

In 2010, industrial climber services were spun off from the Hofe Group, and PSA Zentrale was founded. From ongoing industrial climber jobs (assembly/fall protection), focus was also placed on heights rescue to carry out rescue from heights concepts and operations commensurate with hazards in wind power. PSA Zentrale is a certified apprenticing company for FISAT industrial climber training courses as well as PSA operational and rescue training. Training can also take place at the customer’s location. The PSA Zentrale team is staffed with skilled employees to examine systems that require inspection (e.g. PSE, rescue systems, ladders, fall arrest systems). To deliver the proper equipment, the sales and distribution of rescue equipment, personal protective equipment and technical equipment is ensured by PSA Zentrale. 

Facts and figures:

Founding year: 2010
Main office: Bremen
Branch offices: Husum (2012)
Employees: 3
Other company competencies: Rescue from heights and fall protection Technical equipment supplier/sales Installation/logistics (industrial rope access) Service and maintenance (expert inspections)