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wind:research prepares, as an industry specialist for the national and international wind industry, current and comprehensive forecasts, analysis, reports and studies. These base on data, information and knowledge e.g. about relevant laws, technology trends, market and competition as well als strategies to base decisions on. Furthermore the Cockpit Offshore or Onshore Wind serves as a customer-specific and proprietary database to make evaluations and observations of the international wind industry (Offshore 32 countries, Onshore 50 countries). The Cockpit offers an overview of profiles (countries, plants and companies), framework conditions (legal, economical and politcal), relevant technologies, market and competition and allows own evaluations and forecasts as well as help in the future tender proceeds. Numerous employees are authors of miscellaneous publications and speakers at national and international conferences. The CEO manages the WAB work group market and logistics.

Facts and Figures:

  • Locations in Bremerhaven und Bremen
  • Cockpit Onshore: 50 country profiles, several thousand plants and parks, evaluations, forecasts
  • Cockpit Offshore: 32 country profiles, approx. 900 park profiles, individual forecasts, tender tool
  • Studies, reports, forecasts and analysis
  • Database with approx. 3.000 company profiles
  • In total 13 Mio. database entries
  • Clients see list of references