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Universität Bremen

The University of Bremen, with a faculty of 330 chairs and more than 20,000 students, is medium sized by German standards. For many years it has been one of Germany’s leading research universities and its strategy for the future has made it a winner in the Excellence Initiative of the federal and state governments.

It has outstanding research infrastructures for composite research, gearing technology and research into new generator systems.

Fundamental research initiatives with companies and the transfer of research findings are important parts of this strategy.

A variety of applications for basic patents safeguard research results and enable cooperation with businesses in research and development.

Excellent research and practice-oriented teaching come together at the university in a “campus of young talent”, where the focus is on learning through research and fostering young people’s skills.

The university began operating a research wind turbine in January 2012 to expand its expertise in wind energy research. 

Facts and figures:

  • Founded: 1971
  • Number of employees: 3,500
  • Broad range of further training and skill acquisition initiatives
  • All-round university with a strong focus on materials science
  • More than 600 partner research institutions worldwide

Several of the university’s research focuses are of immediate relevance to research into wind energy:

  • Materials/coatings
  • Machining/design
  • Logistics
  • Measurement engineering
  • Electrical engineering