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szenaris GmbH

Education and training of operators and maintenance staff for wind energy technology often is time- and resource-consuming, requires adequate staff resources and may imply risks for people, environment and equipment. Also, devices, machinery and systems must be available for training. This is where learning forms such as e-learning and simulations can provide a solution: Virtual tours, system operation or interaction in specific scenarios are just a few of many options. Furthermore, virtual reality can be used to depict issues that are otherwise invisible: The interior of systems such as continuous-flow machines is an often implemented simulation scenario that exceeds the possibilities in reality and thus provides real added value for competency development.

Developing digital learning forms such as depicted here is our core competency. Our spectrum ranges from learning programmes, virtual reality simulations and team training systems up to comprehensive training solutions. Our training solutions include original control devices and technologies such as virtual reality glasses and data gloves. Since we are specialists for digital education and training for operators, maintenance and service personnel in the area of construction and mechanical engineering, the wind energy industry already benefits from our expertise and solutions. Imagine your service technicians always being up-to-date in terms of knowledge and competencies – because we can simulate your entire system in virtual reality

Innovative strength and a focus on customer orientation have enabled szenaris to become one of the internationally leading suppliers of e-learning, training and simulation. Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you! 

Facts and figures:

  • szenaris GmbH was founded in 2009 and is located in Bremen.
  • Developing learning programmes (e-learning, m-learning), virtual reality simulations, blended learning, team training systems and comprehensive training solutions is the core competency of szenaris.
  • No matter if “simple” facts or highly complex specialist knowledge have to be imparted: Our products help to sustainably convey knowledge and to support competency development.
  • We have extensive experience especially in the area of training and education of operators and service technicians in the wind energy engineering industry.
  • To achieve optimal results, information scientists, engineers, designers, graphic artists, educationalists and psychologists work hand in hand in our office. Our team thereby has developed comprehensive expertise this way.
  • Wind energy, occupational safety, data protection, construction and engineering, logistics, safety technology, medical technology, transport and defence and others are the industries in which szenaris is active.