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Competition to get to the top is growing – thanks to synthetic fibre ropes. They are increasingly being deployed in place of the traditionally used wire rope. And it’s no wonder: In comparison, synthetic fibre ropes are much lighter, require significantly less maintenance and usually boast a longer service life – with strength and elongation characteristics that are at least on par with their wire counterparts. UPDRAFT delivers superior alternatives to wire rope-based lifting systems.

UPDRAFT LS lifting slings deliver the performance of heavy wire rope slings at just a seventh the weight. The UPDRAFT U800 • 20 hoist system brings equipment and spare parts significantly faster to the turbine cabin than conventional wire-based lifting systems.

UPDRAFT can look back on almost two centuries of experience. As a subsidiary of Gleistein Ropes based in Bremen, Germany, UPDRAFT draws on the know-how and production capacities of one of the world’s most prolific rope manufacturing specialists.

Facts and figures:

  • Founded 2010 in Bremen, Germany
  • Subsidiary of Gleistein Ropes, Bremen’s oldest family-owned industrial company, founded 1824
  • The Gleistein Group employs a staff of 200
  • Develops and manufactures hoists and lifting systems for the construction and maintenance of wind energy plants
  • UPDRAFT LS Lifting Slings: Standard up to 700 t breaking load – tested to 2,800 t
  • U800 • 20 high-speed hoist for fast transportation of tools and spare parts