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Mayor of Tuscaloosa visits Bremen

Mayor of Tuscaloosa visits Bremen

On 23 June 2011, a delegation led by Walter Maddox, the Mayor of Tuscaloosa in the State of Alabama, U.S.A., was able to gain a personal impression of the economic qualities of the State of Bremen. The visit was in response to an invitation to presentations of the State of Bremen as a centre for industry and investment, and of the headquarters of the BLG LOGISTICS GROUP AG & Co. KG and its activities.

The two states are linked in a number of ways. Daimler AG produces both in Bremen and in Tuscaloosa. The Mercedes-Benz M, R and GL Classes are currently made in Alabama, with production of the C Class to follow soon. BLG is also present as a supplier in Tuscaloosa.

The delegation had a long itinerary to work through: A presentation of Bremen as an economic centre by Bremeninvest, and of the BLG by Dr. Bernd Lieberoth-Leden, one of the company’s directors, was followed by a tour of the container and automobile terminal in Bremerhaven. The next stop was lunch with the Bremen Chamber of Commerce and a guided tour through the Town Hall, which is now on the World Cultural Heritage List. The day finished with a tour of the BLG and its high-bay warehouse in Bremen’s Cargo Transportation Centre (GVZ).

“Mayor Walter Maddox was clearly impressed by the size of BLG, by the activities in the port and above all by the dimensions of the high-bay warehouse in the Cargo Transportation Centre”, said Gerber, Team Manager International Acquisition at Bremeninvest.

Picture: The delegation and its hosts before the EBBA MAERSK at Bremerhaven container terminal.

From left: Andreas Gerber (Bremeninvest/WFB), Andy Jocham (Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority), Judge Hardy McCollum (Chairman Tuscaloosa County Commission), Kirk Atkinson (BLG and WFB), Dr. Lieberoth-Leden and Walter Maddox, Mayor of Tuscaloosa.